Competition - SUNY Cortland


In order to meet the needs of students with varying amounts of time, some sports are offered as single elimination/one day tournaments, while others are offered in a league format. In league play, the Recreational Sports Department will attempt to provide each team/individual with at least five league games. Regardless of win/loss record, all teams are eligible for playoffs, provided that they do not forfeit more than one game. Teams with one forfeit must pay a $30.00 forfeit fee to be eligible for playoffs.

Students with varying skills may choose from two levels of competition: All-School (highly competitive) and Recreational (mostly for fun). Although awards are given to the winners of each level, the All-School division winners are the official campus champions.

Uniforms are required to participate in team sports. This makes it easier for officials and teammates to distinguish one team from another. It also enables proper game administration such as recording fouls, substitution of players, and penalty enforcement. Having uniforms also promotes team spirit and pride.