Cancellation Policy - SUNY Cortland

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling of all intramural activities will not be allowed. If an individual or team cannot make a scheduled contest, the following procedure should be adhered to and the following policies will be in effect:

• A representative from the team who cannot attend the scheduled contest should contact the Recreational Sports office to inform them of the impending absence.

• If notice is given at least 24 business hours prior to the beginning of the scheduled contest, the game will be canceled and the team will not be charged with a forfeit. However, this cancellation essentially counts as the team's first "forfeit," although the $30.00 forfeit fee will not be assessed and the team will remain eligible for continued participation in the league.

• If the same team cancels or forfeits another match during the course of the season, that team will be immediately removed from the league and any remaining scheduled contests will be canceled. Each team may cancel a scheduled contest only one time without penalty.

• If notice is not given at least 24 business hours in advance, or if a team simply fails to show up for a scheduled contest, a forfeit will be assessed and the offending team must pay the $30.00 forfeit fee before they will be allowed to continue participating in the league. Teams who do not wish to pay the forfeit fee will be removed from further competition until the fee is paid.

Please remember: For most sports, team captains can indicate the team availability on the entry form. Please consider team members schedules prior to turning in the entry form. Your team roster should be large enough that you can accommodate the absence of one or more players.

Protest Information

Protests may be filed over eligibility of a participant or misinterpretation of a rule. Protests concerning the judgment of an official(s) will not be heard. See individual intramural entry materials for detailed procedures.