Policies & Procedures

General Information

All students and faculty/staff are encouraged to participate in as many intramural events as possible. However, participants are expected to behave in a mature, sportsmanlike manner. To encourage this kind of atmosphere, the following rules will be enforced:

  1. Any player ejected form an Intramural contest is automatically suspended from his/her team's next two games and must meet with the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports before being reinstated.

  2. Any player or spectator making physical contact or threatening an Intramural staff member will be immediately suspended from all Intramural activity indefinitely and must meet with the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports before being reinstated. That person may also be referred to the Student Conduct Office.

  3. Playing under an assumed name/using someone else's ID constitutes a blatant violation of the Honor Code. Such violations will be referred to the Student Conduct Office for action.

  4. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in any recreational facility and any participant playing under the influence will be immediately ejected and referred to the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports and Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports. Captains are responsible for the behavior of their players, as well as their spectators.

Free Agents

Students having trouble finding a team to play with may register themselves as a free agent on the "Entry Forms, Policies & Rules" page. Likewise, team captains looking to add additional players to their rosters can browse the registered free agents on the same page

Please note that the SUNY Cortland Recreational Sports Department does not form teams for free agents. The list of free agents is simply a forum provided for individuals without teams to post their information in hopes of being added to a team. That being said, free agents are encouraged to contact one another to discuss the possibility of forming a team comprised entirely of free agents prior to the registration deadline.

How to Become Involved

All Intramural activities are offered to students and faculty/staff at no charge, with the exceptions of golf and bowling. Registration for all intramural events is done online. To become involved, visit the "Entry Forms, Policies & Rules" page, find the event that you would like to participate in, and familiarize yourself with the policies and rules for that event. When you are ready to register, click on the "entry" link. Fill in all required team and player information. You will need the official Cortland email addresses of the players you would like to have on your team (if applicable). Once all information has been entered, click the "Submit Form" button. You will receive an automatic email confirming that your entry has been properly submitted. For Road Races and singles events, this completes the registration process. For all other events, this is not the end of the registration process!

All other players listed on your entry form will receive an email informing them that they have been listed as a member of your team. Each player must follow the instructions in that email to confirm their participation on your team before they will be listed as an active member of your roster. You will not be able to submit your entry form until the minimum number of participants required to compete in the league/event has been invited to participate on your team! Entries that do not have the minimum number of participants confirmed by the entry deadline will not be included in the event, so it is important to follow up with your teammates to make sure they confirm their participation! Information regarding the minimum number of participants for each event is included in that event's information link, which is located directly next to the "entry" link.

If you are experiencing difficulty registering for intramural events, please stop by the Recreational Sports Department between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or call 753-5704/753-5489 for assistance.

Remember, to successfully register for an event and avoid problems:

  1. Thoroughly and accurately fill out the entry form and ensure that your teammates confirm their participation before the registration deadline.
  2. Attend any captain's meetings.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the rules & policies of the sport.
  4. Be sure to know when you are scheduled to play. Schedules are posted weekly online on the Team Schedules page on the Recreational Sports website. Go to www.cortland.edu/IMTS to view your team's schedule.

Roster Requirement

To be accepted, rosters must be submitted online via the "Entry Forms, Policies & Rules" page on the Intramural Sports website by the registration deadline.

Only individuals listed on the original roster or those officially added are allowed to participate. The Intramural Sports Supervisor will have a copy of each official updated roster at each Intramural event. Dropping/adding players to a team roster is allowed through the first or second week of competition only. This prevents teams from "stacking" their rosters and ensures fair competition. Team captains can manage their rosters online via the "Captain's Management Page" during the listed drop/add periods only. Players listed on a roster will not be allowed to participate until they officially been confirmed as "Accepted" on the entry form. Teams are limited to the number of roster spots available on the entry form.


In order to meet the needs of students with varying amounts of time, some sports are offered as single elimination/one day tournaments, while others are offered in a league format. In league play, the Recreational Sports Department will attempt to provide each team/individual with at least five league games. Regardless of win/loss record, all teams are eligible for playoffs, provided that they do not forfeit more than one game. Teams with one forfeit must pay a $30.00 forfeit fee to be eligible for playoffs.

Students with varying skills may choose from two levels of competition: All-School (highly competitive) and Recreational (mostly for fun). Although awards are given to the winners of each level, the All-School division winners are the official campus champions.

Uniforms are required to participate in team sports. This makes it easier for officials and teammates to distinguish one team from another. It also enables proper game administration such as recording fouls, substitution of players, and penalty enforcement. Having uniforms also promotes team spirit and pride.