Spring League Champions

5v5 Basketball
Spring 2018: Cortland Trail Blazers (MREC), Team Pikachu (MAS), Space Jam (WREC), Strokin' 3's (WAS)
Spring 2017: Yager Bombers (MREC), JUCO Buckets (MAS), Slam Dunk Millionaires (WREC), Strokin' 3's (WAS)
Spring 2016: Yager Bombs (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), D1 Rejects (WAS)
Spring 2015: Spiked Punch (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), HW (WAS)
Spring 2014: Super Splash Bros (MREC), Buffalo Braves (MAS), Ballin Biddies (WREC), Business Is Good (WAS)
Spring 2013: Dishin' and Swishin' (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Ballin Biddies (WREC), Business Is Still Good (WAS)
Spring 2012: Secret Service (MREC), Bop City All-Stars (MAS), Nerfies (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2011
: Splap Me (MREC), Regulation Season (MAS), Pretty Tough (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2010: Toon Squad (MREC), The Massacre (MAS), Ballin Boozers (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2009: MJ (MREC), System Overload (MAS), Mean Girls (WREC), The Freshmakers (WAS)

6v6 Volleyball
Spring 2018: NARPS (REC), Get Off My Dig (AS)
Spring 2017: Adele & Company (REC), Hitfaced (AS)
Spring 2016: Adele & Company (REC), Dat Ace Doe (AS)
Spring 2015: Mad Netters (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2014: Itsy Bitsy Spikers (REC), NARP Squad (AS)
Spring 2013: The Big Dyls (REC), Kanienhehaka Krunch (AS)
Spring 2012: Kanienkehaka Krunch (REC), Team HJ (AS)
Spring 2011
: Killer Veebz (REC), We Could Carry Less (AS)
Spring 2010: Unprotected Sets (REC), PF Flyers (AS)
Spring 2009: The Hitters & Quitters (MREC), Set To Kill (MAS), God Knows (WREC), The Up-Setters (WAS)

Arena Football
Spring 2018: Bistro Cookies (MREC), Sab and the Jackson 7 (WREC)
Spring 2017: Premier Landscape (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Just Ruck It! (WREC), Stop Throwing Ice Cream on the Floor Outside of the Student Life Center (WAS)
Spring 2016: Huge Ditka (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC, Peacefrogs (WAS)
Spring 2015: Cookie Monsters (MREC), Red Shirt Seniors (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), Chelly's Pals (WAS)
Spring 2014
: Pylon Pounders (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Touchdown Town (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Spring 2013: N.W.A. (MREC), Thug U (MAS), TouchMeDown (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Spring 2012: D.O.G.S. (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Victorious Secret (WREC), Touch Our TDs (WAS)
Spring 2011: Touchdown There (MREC), Peter North Experience (MAS), Lady Ruggerz (WAS)
Spring 2010: League not played
Spring 2009: Team America (MREC), Peter North Experience (MAS), Ninjaz (WREC)

Spring 2018: Team OTSHJ (REC), Benchwarmers (AS)
Spring 2017: Crosby Kids (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2016: Slap Shot (REC), Moneyshots (AS)
Spring 2015: Slap Shot (REC), Moose Knuckles (AS)
Spring 2014: Clean Sweep (REC), Vicious & Delicious (AS)
Spring 2013: Swept Away (REC), We Got Cut From the Quidditch Team (AS)
Spring 2012: Just B/C There's a Goalie... (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)

Spring 2011
: Convicks (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)
Spring 2010: The Goods (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)
Spring 2009: That's What She Said (REC), Maxim Afinogenovz (AS)


Spring 2010: Don't Call It A Comeback

Floor Hockey
Spring 2015: Los Chaquetones (MREC), Moose Knuckles (MAS), Chix With Stix (WREC), Chelly's Pals (WAS)

Indoor Soccer
Spring 2018: Tyrannosuarez Rex (REC), Retired Broken Down All-Stars (AS)
Spring 2017: Sonni & the Dirty Dogz (REC), The Reutemanns F.C. (AS)
Spring 2016: Sonni & the Dirty Dogz (REC), NWA: Non Wanted Athletes (AS)
Spring 2015
: DChi (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2014
: Hangover United (MREC), NARP Squad (MAS), Ramrod (WREC), NARPs (WAS)

Innertube Water Polo

Spring 2009: Cortland's Finest
League discontinued after this semester

Kan Jam
Spring 2014: Team Trevor & Corey
Spring 2013: Dammit!
Spring 2012: Green Monkeys
Spring 2011
: Blue Blazers

Spring 2012: League not played
Spring 2011
: League not played
Spring 2010: Isolated Incidents
Spring 2009: N-W-A
League discontinued after Spring 2012 semester

Outdoor Mini-Soccer
Spring 2013: Good Squad (REC), Millwall FC (AS)
Spring 2012: Unreal Madrid (REC), The Graduates (AS)
Spring 2011
: FC United (REC), GSE (AS)
Spring 2010: Green Street Elite (MREC), Those Guys (MAS), The Sploofs (WREC), Where's Amanda? (WAS)
Spring 2009: We We Cuttas (MREC), Soft Bodies (MAS), Where's Amanda? (WREC), Big Girls (WAS)

Racquetball Singles
Spring 2018: Kevin Makarewicz (MREC), Brandon Manning (MAS)
Spring 2017: Kevin Makarewicz (MREC), Brandon Manning (MAS), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Spring 2016: Connor Berg (MREC), Chris DePugh (MAS), Carly Hosler (WREC), Caysea Hosler (WAS)
Spring 2015
: Tom Hughes (MREC), Chris DePugh (MAS), Jess Whelan (WREC), Hannah Bush (WAS)
Spring 2014: Tom Hughes (MREC), Dan Sharlow (MAS), Brianna Musselman (WREC), Lisa Jamais (WAS)
Spring 2013: Connor Berg (MREC), Ramsey Hassen (MAS), Shelby MacIntosh (WREC), Brianna Musselman (WAS)
Spring 2012: Jason Sartorius (MREC), Mike Bocklet Jr. (MAS), Emmie Doin (WREC), Meredith Roth (WAS)
Spring 2011: Ben Bowers (MAS), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Spring 2010: Craig Peterson (MREC), Mike Wolfin (MAS)
Spring 2009: Mike Wolfin (MREC)