Early Morning Classes Cancelled.

Due to weather conditions, early morning classes at SUNY Cortland are cancelled. Classes scheduled to start after 10 a.m. will be held as regularly scheduled. Offices will operate as normal, although employees are urged to use caution traveling. Any employee who feels travel is unsafe should contact their supervisor and may use time accruals to stay home.

Visit the Emergency site for more information.

Spring League Champions

5v5 Basketball
Spring 2018: Cortland Trail Blazers (MREC), Team Pikachu (MAS), Space Jam (WREC), Strokin' 3's (WAS)
Spring 2017: Yager Bombers (MREC), JUCO Buckets (MAS), Slam Dunk Millionaires (WREC), Strokin' 3's (WAS)
Spring 2016: Yager Bombs (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), D1 Rejects (WAS)
Spring 2015: Spiked Punch (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), HW (WAS)
Spring 2014: Super Splash Bros (MREC), Buffalo Braves (MAS), Ballin Biddies (WREC), Business Is Good (WAS)
Spring 2013: Dishin' and Swishin' (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Ballin Biddies (WREC), Business Is Still Good (WAS)
Spring 2012: Secret Service (MREC), Bop City All-Stars (MAS), Nerfies (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2011
: Splap Me (MREC), Regulation Season (MAS), Pretty Tough (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2010: Toon Squad (MREC), The Massacre (MAS), Ballin Boozers (WREC), Business Is Good. (WAS)
Spring 2009: MJ (MREC), System Overload (MAS), Mean Girls (WREC), The Freshmakers (WAS)

6v6 Volleyball
Spring 2018: NARPS (REC), Get Off My Dig (AS)
Spring 2017: Adele & Company (REC), Hitfaced (AS)
Spring 2016: Adele & Company (REC), Dat Ace Doe (AS)
Spring 2015: Mad Netters (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2014: Itsy Bitsy Spikers (REC), NARP Squad (AS)
Spring 2013: The Big Dyls (REC), Kanienhehaka Krunch (AS)
Spring 2012: Kanienkehaka Krunch (REC), Team HJ (AS)
Spring 2011
: Killer Veebz (REC), We Could Carry Less (AS)
Spring 2010: Unprotected Sets (REC), PF Flyers (AS)
Spring 2009: The Hitters & Quitters (MREC), Set To Kill (MAS), God Knows (WREC), The Up-Setters (WAS)

Arena Football
Spring 2018: Bistro Cookies (MREC), Sab and the Jackson 7 (WREC)
Spring 2017: Premier Landscape (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Just Ruck It! (WREC), Stop Throwing Ice Cream on the Floor Outside of the Student Life Center (WAS)
Spring 2016: Huge Ditka (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC, Peacefrogs (WAS)
Spring 2015: Cookie Monsters (MREC), Red Shirt Seniors (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), Chelly's Pals (WAS)
Spring 2014
: Pylon Pounders (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Touchdown Town (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Spring 2013: N.W.A. (MREC), Thug U (MAS), TouchMeDown (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Spring 2012: D.O.G.S. (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Victorious Secret (WREC), Touch Our TDs (WAS)
Spring 2011: Touchdown There (MREC), Peter North Experience (MAS), Lady Ruggerz (WAS)
Spring 2010: League not played
Spring 2009: Team America (MREC), Peter North Experience (MAS), Ninjaz (WREC)

Spring 2018: Team OTSHJ (REC), Benchwarmers (AS)
Spring 2017: Crosby Kids (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2016: Slap Shot (REC), Moneyshots (AS)
Spring 2015: Slap Shot (REC), Moose Knuckles (AS)
Spring 2014: Clean Sweep (REC), Vicious & Delicious (AS)
Spring 2013: Swept Away (REC), We Got Cut From the Quidditch Team (AS)
Spring 2012: Just B/C There's a Goalie... (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)

Spring 2011
: Convicks (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)
Spring 2010: The Goods (REC), USSR - The Red Army (AS)
Spring 2009: That's What She Said (REC), Maxim Afinogenovz (AS)


Spring 2010: Don't Call It A Comeback

Floor Hockey
Spring 2015: Los Chaquetones (MREC), Moose Knuckles (MAS), Chix With Stix (WREC), Chelly's Pals (WAS)

Indoor Soccer
Spring 2018: Tyrannosuarez Rex (REC), Retired Broken Down All-Stars (AS)
Spring 2017: Sonni & the Dirty Dogz (REC), The Reutemanns F.C. (AS)
Spring 2016: Sonni & the Dirty Dogz (REC), NWA: Non Wanted Athletes (AS)
Spring 2015
: DChi (REC), Green Monkeys (AS)
Spring 2014
: Hangover United (MREC), NARP Squad (MAS), Ramrod (WREC), NARPs (WAS)

Innertube Water Polo

Spring 2009: Cortland's Finest
League discontinued after this semester

Kan Jam
Spring 2014: Team Trevor & Corey
Spring 2013: Dammit!
Spring 2012: Green Monkeys
Spring 2011
: Blue Blazers

Spring 2012: League not played
Spring 2011
: League not played
Spring 2010: Isolated Incidents
Spring 2009: N-W-A
League discontinued after Spring 2012 semester

Outdoor Mini-Soccer
Spring 2013: Good Squad (REC), Millwall FC (AS)
Spring 2012: Unreal Madrid (REC), The Graduates (AS)
Spring 2011
: FC United (REC), GSE (AS)
Spring 2010: Green Street Elite (MREC), Those Guys (MAS), The Sploofs (WREC), Where's Amanda? (WAS)
Spring 2009: We We Cuttas (MREC), Soft Bodies (MAS), Where's Amanda? (WREC), Big Girls (WAS)

Racquetball Singles
Spring 2018: Kevin Makarewicz (MREC), Brandon Manning (MAS)
Spring 2017: Kevin Makarewicz (MREC), Brandon Manning (MAS), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Spring 2016: Connor Berg (MREC), Chris DePugh (MAS), Carly Hosler (WREC), Caysea Hosler (WAS)
Spring 2015
: Tom Hughes (MREC), Chris DePugh (MAS), Jess Whelan (WREC), Hannah Bush (WAS)
Spring 2014: Tom Hughes (MREC), Dan Sharlow (MAS), Brianna Musselman (WREC), Lisa Jamais (WAS)
Spring 2013: Connor Berg (MREC), Ramsey Hassen (MAS), Shelby MacIntosh (WREC), Brianna Musselman (WAS)
Spring 2012: Jason Sartorius (MREC), Mike Bocklet Jr. (MAS), Emmie Doin (WREC), Meredith Roth (WAS)
Spring 2011: Ben Bowers (MAS), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Spring 2010: Craig Peterson (MREC), Mike Wolfin (MAS)
Spring 2009: Mike Wolfin (MREC)