Fall League Champions

3v3 Basketball
Fall 2016: Green Monkeys (MREC), Teeter and Sons (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), Strokin 3's (WAS)
Fall 2015
: Send It In Jerome (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Air Ballers (WREC), Hoops! I Did It Again (WAS) 
Fall 2014: Spiked Punch (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), DePugh's Forearms <3 (WREC), Bunk Ditches (WAS) 
Fall 2013: The Melon Heads (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Hoops I Did It Again (WREC), Blue Ballers (WAS)
Fall 2012: Bosh Gave Me This Jacket (MREC), Personal Fouls (MAS), ASA (WREC), Boats & Hoes (WAS)
Fall 2011
: DOGS (MREC), Showtime (MAS), Nerfies (WREC), Business is Good (WAS)
Fall 2010: Flint Tropics (MREC), Three The Hard Way (MAS), Hot Mess Express (WREC), Team Extreme (WAS)
Fall 2009: Wilt (MREC), 1041 (MAS), Southwestern Hillbillies (WREC), Gettt Itttt (WAS)
Fall 2008: Kobe (MREC), No Chance (MAS), Double Threats (WREC), Lightz Out (WAS)

4v4 Basketball
Fall 2017: Big Baller Brand (MREC), Juice Is Loose (MAS), Dragons (WREC), Strokin 3's (WAS)

4v4 Volleyball

Fall 2017: 5 Guys & A Side of Fries (MREC), How I Set Your Mother (MAS), I'd Hit That (WREC), Bumpin' Uglies (WAS)
Fall 2016: Ca$h Money Records (MREC), Just the Tip (MAS), Sets on the Beach (WREC), Second Chance (WAS)
Fall 2015
: West Campus Wannabes (MREC), Green Monkeys (MAS), Dat Ace Doe (WREC), We Always Get It Up (WAS)
Fall 2014: Big Hunan (MREC), Long Island Pride (MAS), Bangin' Bananas (WREC), Sets Me Hard (WAS)
Fall 2013: Vicious & Delicious (MREC), Vertically Challenged (MAS), School of Witchcraft & Ratchetry (WREC), Scared Hitless (WAS)
Fall 2012: Smack That Ace (MREC), Hoof Hearted Varsity (MAS), Monstars (WREC), Block City (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Team Dynamite (MREC), Patriots (MAS), Some Spike It Hot (WREC), Doesn't Matter Had Sets (WAS)
Fall 2010: J.A.W.S. (MREC), Patriots (MAS), Dream Team (WREC), V Ballers (WAS)
Fall 2009: Sets on the Beach (MREC), Set To Kill (MAS), Each Hit (WREC), Heavy Hitters (WAS)
Fall 2008: Pineapple Express (MREC), Sets On The Beach (MAS), Caution (WREC), Balls Deep (WAS)

Badminton Singles
Fall 2014: Ilia Bercov (MAS)
Fall 2013
: Luke Schweider (MAS), Michelle Waring (WREC), Hannah Bush (WAS)

Flag Football

Fall 2017: East West (MREC), Juice Is Loose (MAS), Oh Look, an SLC Garbage Can (WAS), Stoop Kids (CREC)
Fall 2016: Harambe's Hombres (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), LF Beats Jon Louie (WAS), Green Monkeys (CREC)
Fall 2015
: White Iversons (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), 1738 (WAS), Green Monkeys (CREC)
Fall 2014: Red Shirt Seniors (MREC), OTPHJ (MAS), Back That Pass Up (WREC), Wingin' It (WAS)
Fall 2013: The Replacements (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), You Can't Touchdown There (WREC), Wingin It (WAS)
Fall 2012: DOGS (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Our TDs Are Real (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Fall 2011
: NWA (MREC), Black Dragons (MAS), Lady Ruggerz (WREC), Touch Our TDs (WAS)
Fall 2010: Young Money (MREC), Snakes (MAS), Back That Pass Up (WAS)
Fall 2009: Team Jorge (MREC), Ramrod (MAS), Wolf Pack (WREC), Can't Touch This (WAS)
Fall 2008: Super (MREC), Seniors Snickers (MAS), The Bishes (WREC), Ball Sackers (WAS)

Floor Hockey
Fall 2017: Men With Wood (MREC), Puck Norris (MAS)
Fall 2016: TPF (MREC), Benchwarmers (MAS), Stop Throwing Ice Cream on the Ground Outside the SLC (WAS)
Fall 2015
: Benchwarmers (MREC), No Pucks Given (MAS), Half Of Us Don't Like Sticks (WREC), No Regretztkies (WAS)
Fall 2013: The Criminals (MREC), Dangle Daddies (MAS), Too Nice For Ice (WREC), Puckin Right (WAS)
Fall 2012: MWW (MREC), Down to Puck (MAS), Take A Shot For Me (WREC), Get It On the Floor (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Laying Pipe (MREC), Down to Puck (MAS), Stick 'em Up (WREC), Just Because There's A Goalie Doesn't Mean You Can't Score (WAS)
Fall 2010: Booya (MAS), Just Because There's A Goalie Doesn't Mean You Can't Score (WAS)
Fall 2009: That's What She Said (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Kiss My Puck (WREC), Wolfpack (WAS)
Fall 2008: Mighty Seniors (MREC), Team Team (WREC)

Indoor Soccer
Fall 2015: NWA: Non Wanted Athletes (REC), Bayern Neverlusen (AS)
Fall 2014: Green Monkeys (REC), Soccer Players (AS)
Fall 2013: Viva Colonia (REC), NARP Squad (AS)
Fall 2012: Cooking With Nutmet (REC), Soccer Players (AS)
Fall 2011
: Takin Shots (REC), The Graduates (AS)
Fall 2010: FC United (REC), The Mannschaft (AS)
Fall 2009: The Band (REC), Multiple Scorgasms (AS)
Fall 2008: Joga Bonita (MREC), Absofreakinlutely (WREC), Boogie In Your Butt (CRR), Take 1 4 The Team (CRAS)

Fall 2014: Kick It And Quit It
Fall 2013
: Alcoballics 

Outdoor Soccer
Fall 2017: TyrannoSuarez Rex (REC), Bench Warmers (AS)
Fall 2016
: TyrannoSuarez Rex (REC), The Reutemanns FC (AS)


Fall 2013: Dalamar's Men (DE Tournament Champion)
Fall 2012: Team Ramrod (World Cup Champion)
Fall 2011
: Kappa Sigma (REC), Brokebat Mountain (AS)
Fall 2010: Papa Burgundy (REC), Breaking Balls (AS)
Fall 2009: Two Balls, One Strike
Fall 2008: Pineapple Express (REC), Dominican Power Rangers (AS)

Tennis Singles
Fall 2017: Tyler Moulton (MREC)
Fall 2016: Kevin Makarewicz (MAS), Jacob Reich (MREC), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Fall 2014: Martin Yousafzai (MAS), Chris DePugh (MREC), Elise Cusimano (WAS)
Fall 2013: Kyle Kita (MAS), Ashley Vogler (WREC), Annie Davis (WAS)
Fall 2012: Josh Horn (MREC), Kyle Kita (MAS), Eden Turner (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Jason Wong (MREC), Dylan Prete (MAS), Eden Turner (WAS)
Fall 2010: Joe Hetzler (MREC), Jason Wong (MAS)
Fall 2009: Jason Wong (MAS), Chelsea Paquette (WREC)
Fall 2008: Joe Piliero (MREC), Emily Fratini (WREC)

Ultimate Frisbee
Fall 2017: Jay Z's Greatest Hits
Fall 2016: Throw It On the Ground
Fall 2012: As Long As It's Cheap
Fall 2011
: Across the Nation
Fall 2010: The Day Off
Fall 2009: Ultimate X
Fall 2008: Untouchables

Wiffle Ball
Fall 2016: La Potencia
Fall 2012: The Rakers
Fall 2011
: Cuban Raft Riders
Fall 2010: Knights
Fall 2009: Grumpy Old Men
Fall 2008: Papa Burgundy