Early Morning Classes Cancelled.

Due to weather conditions, early morning classes at SUNY Cortland are cancelled. Classes scheduled to start after 10 a.m. will be held as regularly scheduled. Offices will operate as normal, although employees are urged to use caution traveling. Any employee who feels travel is unsafe should contact their supervisor and may use time accruals to stay home.

Visit the Emergency site for more information.

Fall League Champions

3v3 Basketball
Fall 2016: Green Monkeys (MREC), Teeter and Sons (MAS), Hoops! I Did It Again (WREC), Strokin 3's (WAS)
Fall 2015
: Send It In Jerome (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), Air Ballers (WREC), Hoops! I Did It Again (WAS) 
Fall 2014: Spiked Punch (MREC), Black Mambas (MAS), DePugh's Forearms <3 (WREC), Bunk Ditches (WAS) 
Fall 2013: The Melon Heads (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), Hoops I Did It Again (WREC), Blue Ballers (WAS)
Fall 2012: Bosh Gave Me This Jacket (MREC), Personal Fouls (MAS), ASA (WREC), Boats & Hoes (WAS)
Fall 2011
: DOGS (MREC), Showtime (MAS), Nerfies (WREC), Business is Good (WAS)
Fall 2010: Flint Tropics (MREC), Three The Hard Way (MAS), Hot Mess Express (WREC), Team Extreme (WAS)
Fall 2009: Wilt (MREC), 1041 (MAS), Southwestern Hillbillies (WREC), Gettt Itttt (WAS)
Fall 2008: Kobe (MREC), No Chance (MAS), Double Threats (WREC), Lightz Out (WAS)

4v4 Basketball
Fall 2017: Big Baller Brand (MREC), Juice Is Loose (MAS), Dragons (WREC), Strokin 3's (WAS)

4v4 Volleyball

Fall 2017: 5 Guys & A Side of Fries (MREC), How I Set Your Mother (MAS), I'd Hit That (WREC), Bumpin' Uglies (WAS)
Fall 2016: Ca$h Money Records (MREC), Just the Tip (MAS), Sets on the Beach (WREC), Second Chance (WAS)
Fall 2015
: West Campus Wannabes (MREC), Green Monkeys (MAS), Dat Ace Doe (WREC), We Always Get It Up (WAS)
Fall 2014: Big Hunan (MREC), Long Island Pride (MAS), Bangin' Bananas (WREC), Sets Me Hard (WAS)
Fall 2013: Vicious & Delicious (MREC), Vertically Challenged (MAS), School of Witchcraft & Ratchetry (WREC), Scared Hitless (WAS)
Fall 2012: Smack That Ace (MREC), Hoof Hearted Varsity (MAS), Monstars (WREC), Block City (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Team Dynamite (MREC), Patriots (MAS), Some Spike It Hot (WREC), Doesn't Matter Had Sets (WAS)
Fall 2010: J.A.W.S. (MREC), Patriots (MAS), Dream Team (WREC), V Ballers (WAS)
Fall 2009: Sets on the Beach (MREC), Set To Kill (MAS), Each Hit (WREC), Heavy Hitters (WAS)
Fall 2008: Pineapple Express (MREC), Sets On The Beach (MAS), Caution (WREC), Balls Deep (WAS)

Badminton Singles
Fall 2014: Ilia Bercov (MAS)
Fall 2013
: Luke Schweider (MAS), Michelle Waring (WREC), Hannah Bush (WAS)

Flag Football

Fall 2017: East West (MREC), Juice Is Loose (MAS), Oh Look, an SLC Garbage Can (WAS), Stoop Kids (CREC)
Fall 2016: Harambe's Hombres (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), LF Beats Jon Louie (WAS), Green Monkeys (CREC)
Fall 2015
: White Iversons (MREC), Iced Out Girl Scout$ (MAS), Sab & the Jackson 7 (WREC), 1738 (WAS), Green Monkeys (CREC)
Fall 2014: Red Shirt Seniors (MREC), OTPHJ (MAS), Back That Pass Up (WREC), Wingin' It (WAS)
Fall 2013: The Replacements (MREC), Frank's Pizza (MAS), You Can't Touchdown There (WREC), Wingin It (WAS)
Fall 2012: DOGS (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Our TDs Are Real (WREC), Prouda You (WAS)
Fall 2011
: NWA (MREC), Black Dragons (MAS), Lady Ruggerz (WREC), Touch Our TDs (WAS)
Fall 2010: Young Money (MREC), Snakes (MAS), Back That Pass Up (WAS)
Fall 2009: Team Jorge (MREC), Ramrod (MAS), Wolf Pack (WREC), Can't Touch This (WAS)
Fall 2008: Super (MREC), Seniors Snickers (MAS), The Bishes (WREC), Ball Sackers (WAS)

Floor Hockey
Fall 2017: Men With Wood (MREC), Puck Norris (MAS)
Fall 2016: TPF (MREC), Benchwarmers (MAS), Stop Throwing Ice Cream on the Ground Outside the SLC (WAS)
Fall 2015
: Benchwarmers (MREC), No Pucks Given (MAS), Half Of Us Don't Like Sticks (WREC), No Regretztkies (WAS)
Fall 2013: The Criminals (MREC), Dangle Daddies (MAS), Too Nice For Ice (WREC), Puckin Right (WAS)
Fall 2012: MWW (MREC), Down to Puck (MAS), Take A Shot For Me (WREC), Get It On the Floor (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Laying Pipe (MREC), Down to Puck (MAS), Stick 'em Up (WREC), Just Because There's A Goalie Doesn't Mean You Can't Score (WAS)
Fall 2010: Booya (MAS), Just Because There's A Goalie Doesn't Mean You Can't Score (WAS)
Fall 2009: That's What She Said (MREC), Abusement Park (MAS), Kiss My Puck (WREC), Wolfpack (WAS)
Fall 2008: Mighty Seniors (MREC), Team Team (WREC)

Indoor Soccer
Fall 2015: NWA: Non Wanted Athletes (REC), Bayern Neverlusen (AS)
Fall 2014: Green Monkeys (REC), Soccer Players (AS)
Fall 2013: Viva Colonia (REC), NARP Squad (AS)
Fall 2012: Cooking With Nutmet (REC), Soccer Players (AS)
Fall 2011
: Takin Shots (REC), The Graduates (AS)
Fall 2010: FC United (REC), The Mannschaft (AS)
Fall 2009: The Band (REC), Multiple Scorgasms (AS)
Fall 2008: Joga Bonita (MREC), Absofreakinlutely (WREC), Boogie In Your Butt (CRR), Take 1 4 The Team (CRAS)

Fall 2014: Kick It And Quit It
Fall 2013
: Alcoballics 

Outdoor Soccer
Fall 2017: TyrannoSuarez Rex (REC), Bench Warmers (AS)
Fall 2016
: TyrannoSuarez Rex (REC), The Reutemanns FC (AS)


Fall 2013: Dalamar's Men (DE Tournament Champion)
Fall 2012: Team Ramrod (World Cup Champion)
Fall 2011
: Kappa Sigma (REC), Brokebat Mountain (AS)
Fall 2010: Papa Burgundy (REC), Breaking Balls (AS)
Fall 2009: Two Balls, One Strike
Fall 2008: Pineapple Express (REC), Dominican Power Rangers (AS)

Tennis Singles
Fall 2017: Tyler Moulton (MREC)
Fall 2016: Kevin Makarewicz (MAS), Jacob Reich (MREC), Lima Stafford (WAS)
Fall 2014: Martin Yousafzai (MAS), Chris DePugh (MREC), Elise Cusimano (WAS)
Fall 2013: Kyle Kita (MAS), Ashley Vogler (WREC), Annie Davis (WAS)
Fall 2012: Josh Horn (MREC), Kyle Kita (MAS), Eden Turner (WAS)
Fall 2011
: Jason Wong (MREC), Dylan Prete (MAS), Eden Turner (WAS)
Fall 2010: Joe Hetzler (MREC), Jason Wong (MAS)
Fall 2009: Jason Wong (MAS), Chelsea Paquette (WREC)
Fall 2008: Joe Piliero (MREC), Emily Fratini (WREC)

Ultimate Frisbee
Fall 2017: Jay Z's Greatest Hits
Fall 2016: Throw It On the Ground
Fall 2012: As Long As It's Cheap
Fall 2011
: Across the Nation
Fall 2010: The Day Off
Fall 2009: Ultimate X
Fall 2008: Untouchables

Wiffle Ball
Fall 2016: La Potencia
Fall 2012: The Rakers
Fall 2011
: Cuban Raft Riders
Fall 2010: Knights
Fall 2009: Grumpy Old Men
Fall 2008: Papa Burgundy