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Frequently Asked Questions

Intramural Sports Registration

When is intramural registration?
Intramural sports registration is ongoing throughout the year. Check the calendar for the deadline of the sport/event that you are interested in playing.

Who is eligible to play intramural sports?
Any current SUNY Cortland student, faculty or staff member. A current Cortland ID must be must presented prior to participation each time you participate. 

How do I form a team?
Ask other students in your residence hall, classes and clubs. RAs are also helpful when you first arrive to campus, since some RAs will create intramural teams from students on their floor.

If you cannot find a team or you are a team captain looking for additional members, you may post your information online at the Facebook group SUNY Cortland Intramural Sports. You can also use the board to create a team if there are several other Free Agents looking for a team to play with. We are working to develop a better way to accommodate free agents and we hope to have it ready in the near future.

Is there a fee to sign-up an intramural team?
In the vast majority of cases, no. Intramural sports are funded via Recreational Sports via the Mandatory Student Activity Fee. (Exception: Golf and bowling since we do not have those facilities on our campus) Most colleges and universities charge for intramurals, so you get a great value for your $40 fee that is dedicated to Recreational Sports.

How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?  
Registration for all intramural events is done online. To become involved, follow this simple procedure: Visit the "Entry Forms, Policies and Rules" page on the Intramural Sports Website. Find the event that you would like to participate in and select the "entry" link. Fill out the form completely and submit it online. Once you register,  your teammates will be emailed instructions on how to confirm their participation on your team.

For complete details on how to register, please visit the "How to Become Involved" link on the Policies and Procedures page. 

Can I play on more than one team per sport?
No. Individuals may only participate on one team per sport.

Are varsity/club players allowed to participate in intramurals? Yes, depending on the sport they would like to participate in. Varsity/club players may not participate in the comparable sport that they play at the varsity/club level. For example, varsity/club soccer players may not participate in either of the intramural soccer leagues. A varsity/club player is ineligible for participation in the comparable sport for the entire academic year during which they were a varsity/club athlete. Quitting a varsity/club team after participating for a portion of the year does not change eligibility status until the following academic year. Varsity/club athletes are welcome to participate in any other intramural event. In very few cases, varsity/club athletes are allowed to participate in the comparable league. Individuals should check with the Rec Sports Office if they have questions regarding their eligibility for a particular league/event. Information regarding varsity/club eligibility is also listed in each event's policy information, located on the "Entry Forms, Policies and Rules" page.

Team Rosters 

Can I add players to my roster during the season?
Yes. For team sports, there is a 1-2 week period after competition begins where you may add and drop players from your roster. Team captains may manage their rosters online via the Captain's Management Page.  

What is a Free Agent? 
A Free Agent is someone who does not have a team to play on, but wishes to play. Team captains can view the Facebook Group SUNY Cortland Intramural Sports to find more players for their team. See "How do I form a team?" above.


What sports are offered? 
Please see the calendar. If you would like to request a new sport, please contact Matt Nuesell. New sports are added based on student interest. Kickball, Squash, and Spikeball are three examples of activities added based on student interest. 

When are games played? 
Most games are played Sunday-Thursday, beginning at 7 p.m., and ending at 11 p.m., generally scheduled every hour. Broomball and Arena Football are exceptions, beginning anywhere between 7-10 p.m. and ending around 12 a.m.

Late night events (i.e. Friday Night Tournaments) typically begin at 8 p.m., with the championship games ending around 2 a.m.

How long does the season last?
Intramural leagues generally last 5-7 weeks, depending on the number of teams and facility availability. We try our best to schedule each team for 4-5 games before playoffs begin.

How do I find out my team's game schedule?
All schedules are posted online at the Intramural Team Schedules page, so everyone on your team can check the schedule. Navigate directly to this page by visiting

How do I find out if games are canceled if the weather is bad?
The quickest way to find out is to go to the website where the schedules are posted. We will also attempt to call/email captains of all teams affected by the weather. We will play in rain and snow, as long as it is still safe, so prepare for inclement weather conditions for outdoor sports. 

Can I reschedule games once the schedule has been posted?
No. If teams wish to cancel a scheduled game they must give at least 24 hours business notice to the Assistant Director or Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports. The cancellation will be counted as the team’s first forfeit and the team will remain eligible for participation in the league. However, the second time that a team cancels or forfeits a game will result in the cancellation of all future scheduled games and immediate removal from the league. Make sure that you have enough subs on your team to accommodate a game time where one or more players will be in class.

For full details about the cancellation policy, please visit the Cancellation Policy page.

What happens if my team is a no show and forfeits?
If your team forfeits a game for any reason, your team must pay a $30 forfeit fee to continue playing in the league. This is due as soon as possible, but no later than noon the day prior your next scheduled game. If your team does not have another game that week, then the fee is due no later than 12 p.m. on Thursday of the same week. 

Once the fee is paid, your team will be allowed to play the next game or be scheduled for more games. Your team will also still be eligible for playoffs. If the fee is not paid, your team will be dropped from the league and will not be eligible for playoffs until the forfeit fee has been paid.


What is Wallyball?
Wallyball is similar to volleyball because we play with a volleyball and with a volleyball net, but the game is played in a racquetball court. The ball can be legally struck off of walls and volleyball skills are still used, but it also helps to be strategic and play angles. Three people play on either side of the court at the same time.

What is the Pigskin Pick'em?
The Pigskin Pick'em is a weekly NFL pick'em run through Each week throughout the NFL season, you submit your guesses for which teams will win each matchup. The person with the most correct picks every week wins a t-shirt! To be eligible for prizes, you must be a member of the group "SUNY Cortland Intramural Sports."


Can I work for Intramurals Sports?
Yes! We staff 40-50 students every semester as intramural scorekeepers, officials and supervisors. Stop by the Recreational Sports Office, Room 1201 in the Student Life Center to complete an application.

What kind of training do the officials go through?
Student officials go through sessions on rules and mechanics, and are evaluated prior to each intramural season. Participants must remember that most students are new to officiating and are doing their best to enforce the rules consistently. If you have any questions about intramural officiating, please contact Matt Nuesell or Geoff Greene.