Fitness Assessment

What is a Fitness Assessment?

A series of tests that a Personal Trainer performs on you to determine your current level of physical fitness. The data from the assessment can be utilized to design a personalized fitness program specifically tailored to you. Some of the many benefits of fitness assessments are as follows:

  • Assess your current level of fitness to use as a starting point toward becoming more physically fit.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in relation to your current physical fitness level
  • Identify potential areas of health or injury risk
  • Establish fitness goals and motivation level
  • Use the results to develop and establish an efficient and effective personal fitness program
  • To track and evaluate a client’s or your own personal progress toward fitness goals

SUNY Cortland Students, Faculty/Staff, their Spouses/Dependents and other members of the Student Life Center can schedule a fitness assessment session with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Anyone who participates in our Personal Training Program will receive a complete fitness assessment. Fitness tests available include:

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Resting Blood Pressure
  • Girth or circumference measurements
  • Body Mass Index
  • Hip-to-Waist Ratio
  • Specific assessments to measure flexibility and mobility of certain joints
  • Physical tests to determine muscular strength and endurance 

We also offer Bod Pod Testing. Click HERE for more information on the Bod Podfor more information on the Bod Pod.