Group Exercise Class Descriptions

ABS Only: 30 minutes of abdominal toning exercise that will leave your mid-section ripped.     

Bootcamp: A high intensity class that incorporates all domains of fitness providing you with a well-rounded workout.  

Body Weight Training: Learn how to use your own body weight as your main piece of equipment. This class is divided  into segments focusing on different sections of the body to provide a full body workout.     

Cardio Kickboxing/Abs: A perfect 30/30 minutes combination of kickboxing and abdominal work. The perfect mix for getting your body moving and sculpting your core.                                                                                      

Cardio Interval Training: Offering a wide array of movements, this class will blast your aerobic capacity with cardio intervals leaving your muscles toned and shredded.      

Circuit Training: Challenge yourself to complete a wide array of different exercises. Move from station-t- station and keep the exercises fresh and varied.    

Foundations of Jump Rope: Learn the foundational essentials of jump rope. This class includes education as well as workouts to increase your proficiency. Open to all levels.                                                                                        

Functional Strength and Conditioning: Open to anyone looking to gain experience and knowledge in free weight/body weight training and plyometrics. Challenge yourself to enhance your strength, power, speed and mobility.

Full Body Fit: This fitness class will educate you as well as incorporate a wide range of exercises to hit every muscle in your body.  

H.I.I.T. Training: High Intensity Interval Training is a combination of cardio and toning movements that has you working on the clock (literally).                                                                                  

Kickboxing: A full-body kickboxing workout that incorporates heavy bags and free standing movements.        

Spinning: A fun, high energy, 40-45 minute cardio workout that challenges all levels of physical fitness.                                   

Step Cardio Body Pump: This high energy class will help you build both strength and cardio to maximize calorie burning.  

The Calorie Burner: A fast-paced movement oriented class that keeps your heart rate at a level to facilitate fat burning.             

TRX: Learn how to use the TRX suspension trainer! This course will allow you to improve your range of motion, flexibility, muscular strength and agility.    

Women’s Weight Training: Fundamentals  and foundations of compound weight training exercises using free weights, kettlebells, barbells and body weight training.  

Z-Fit: A high intensity interval training class focusing on using a wide array of equipment and exercises.

Zumba: A full-body dance class which acts as a cardio and toning workout. Come dance to Latin rhythms and music.