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Group Exercise Class Descriptions


ZUMBA: This Latin-inspired dance-fitness class incorporates Latin and International music with dance movements to create a unique, high energy, and effective fitness system. The class format combines fast and slow rhythms that combine aerobic benefits with muscle toning to create a great full body workout. Each dance holds moves that work every part of the body to maximize results.

ABS ONLY: This half-hour class works strictly on the abdominal muscles. Using different exercises; the upper, lower, and oblique muscles are worked and strengthened. By using similar exercises throughout each class, it is easy for participants to remember and allows people to work to their full potential.

GUNS, GUT & BUTT: This is a challenging class which focuses on toning the arms, legs, core and gluteus muscles.


KETTLEBELL TRAINING CLASS: This class is designed to target both the larger and smaller muscle groups in order to create a whole body workout while using a kettlebell (a type of weight). The exercises will target your arms, back, shoulders, legs, abs and, occasionally, exercises for endurance will be incorporated.