Logos and Marks

Our graphic identity — logo, colors, typefaces and design elements — represents SUNY Cortland and serves as a cornerstone for all of our communication efforts. When applied consistently and repeatedly, our graphic identity connects audiences with SUNY Cortland. The graphic elements and standards will provide guidance and direction as you convey SUNY Cortland’s brand identity.

Primary Logo

Primary logo

The primary logo is SUNY Cortland’s institutional logo and represents the university in its entirety.

The mark is used to identify everything we communicate through our website, print communications, presentations, social media sites and signs. Having a clear and consistent visual identity helps build greater recognition for and awareness of the campus. It also promotes the quality of SUNY Cortland’s academic experience.

Secondary Mark

Secondary mark example with color variations

The secondary mark is a graphic element available for use by the campus community in a variety of applications. It can be used alone or with a "Cortland" or area lockup. The secondary mark can stand alone or be used in conjunction with SUNY Cortland’s primary logo. The Secondary Mark does not replace the institution’s primary logo.

A complete list of color variations is shown in the Color Options section.


secondary mark with Cortland lockupsecondary mark with Facilities Operations and Services lockup

To download the secondary mark and the versions with the Cortland lockup, log on to myRedDragon and follow the instructions on the Tech Help tab.

To obtain a secondary mark with a lockup with your department, office or organization's name, please complete the Secondary Mark Request Form.

Download or Request Files

Use of the SUNY Cortland logos and college seal is governed by the SUNY Cortland Communication Guide.


Primary Logo


Cortland Logo

Download the primary logo (ZIP)


Secondary Mark

Secondary mark

If you would like the Cortland secondary mark, log in to myRedDragon and visit the Tech Help tab.

For an area-specific mark, please use the Secondary Mark Request Form.


Cortland badge

To use the badge, please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 or marketing@cortland.edu.

College Seal


College Seal Black

To use the college seal, please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 or marketing@cortland.edu.

College seal usage guidelines

Logo/Mark Usage Guidelines

Consistent and proper use of the logo is essential for ensuring the desired perception of SUNY Cortland. Likewise, the integrity of the SUNY Cortland brand diminishes when the logo is incorrectly applied. The exact arrangement and proportion of the logo must not be altered in any way.

When reproduced in color, the logo must use the PMS, CMYK, RGB or web color equivalents identified in the Colors section of this guide.

Minimum Sizes

The logos may be enlarged or reduced in size as required.

The minimum size of the logo is often determined by the method of reproduction or fabrication. The minimum size, using optimal reproduction methods, can be measured by the height of the “C” at 1/4”. 

The logo should be used only at a size that does not compromise quality and legibility.

Clear Space

The logo must not be crowded or overwhelmed by other elements.

“Clear space” refers to the area surrounding the logo that should be kept free from visual distraction.

No graphic element or text of any kind should be placed within this clear space unless otherwise shown in this manual. The recommended clear space of the primary logo is equal to the x-height of the “n” in the logo.
(X = height of the letter n) as shown below.

The secondary mark uses the height of the bottom serif in the “C” represented by “A,” a clear space of “A X 2” is required around the logo wherever it is utilized to ensure that it retains readability.

Graphic showing the method for determining clear space around the logo. Secondary mark clear space

Color Options

Acceptable logo variationsSecondary mark color combinations

  • The black logo is for use in one-color productions and over lighter background colors.
  • Only the approved Cortland red can be used in this one-color version.
  • The white logo should be used over darker background colors. Use the EPS file for printed materials and the GIF version for the web.

The official College colors, Cortland Red, white or black, should be used to reproduce the logo. Gold, bronze, silver and copper also are acceptable.

Individual Unit Expression

The College logo must be used as the primary graphic identifier in all communications. Separate logos that represent individual units or programs are not permitted.

College Logo with Department or Office Name

Use of the College logo along with the name of a department, office, club or other group should follow the guidelines listed here. These guidelines apply to apparel, signage, banners and promotional items such as bags, mugs, nametags or other giveaways.

logo with unit name

  • The name must be written in all caps using Agenda Bold in red or black.
  • "X" is the height of the word SUNY in the logo. The letters of the name cannot be taller than this height.
  • The name must fit on no more than two lines of type.
  • "Y" is the distance from the top of the logo's main body to the top of the "C" in Cortland. For example, from the top of the "o", "r," "a" or "n" to the top of the "C." This is the distance that must be used between the logo's main body and the top of the name.

Custom Usage of Primary Logo

The Marketing Office will place the names of offices, departments, student clubs and groups beneath the College's logo for use on apparel or signage.

For more information, please contact 607-753-2519 or marketing@cortland.edu.

Non-Approved Usage

Consistent and proper usage of the logo is essential.

Examples of incorrect SUNY Cortland logo usageExamples of incorrect usage of the Cortland Secondary Mark

If you are faced with using the logo in an application that you find questionable or not included in this guide, please contact the Marketing Office at marketing@cortland.edu.

Mark Integrity

The integrity of the SUNY Cortland brand diminishes when the logos are incorrectly applied. Any variation or alteration, however small, is unacceptable.

Do not make any of the following changes to the primary logo or secondary mark:

  • change the colors.
  • change the color of separate components of the mark.
  • outline any part of the mark.
  • use a white border to outline the mark on dark backgrounds.
  • rearrange the components, eliminate or use the components separately unless otherwise noted in this manual.
  • violate the clear space with text, images, or any other element.
  • fill the mark with a photograph or any other pattern or texture.
  • use the logo as a substitute for the words "SUNY Cortland" in a sentence.
  • lock up the logo with any other logo.
  • add elements
  • modify, stretch or distort in any way
  • crop
  • rotate or turn
  • add text other than the approved lock-ups
  • place unapproved colored backgrounds
  • add graphic effects
  • change fonts or use the secondary mark to replace the C in Cortland

Athletics Logo and Styles

Primary Athletics Logo

Primary Athletics logo

Secondary Athletics Logo

Secondary athletics logo

The athletics logo may be used only for visual communications pertaining to athletics, alumni events and student recruitment. Use of the athletics logo must be approved by the Marketing Committee in conjunction with the Athletics Department.

SUNY Cortland forbids unauthorized use of its athletics logo. Individuals who violate the College’s athletics logo guidelines will be referred to legal counsel for the State University of New York System. 

Departments and offices that have received approval to use the logo may obtain it from the Marketing Office at marketing@cortland.edu or 607-753-2519.

View the Athletics Style Guide (PDF)

College Seal

College Seal - RedCollege Seal Black

Usage Guidelines

The College Seal is used only for diplomas, legal and official records, transcripts, any other legal agreements binding SUNY Cortland, printed programs presented at academic ceremonies as well as presidential communications and awards.

The official College colors, Cortland Red, white or black, should be used to reproduce the seal. Gold, bronze, silver and copper also are acceptable.

College Seal, Acceptable Tints

Examples of Approved Usage

  • Watermark on an official SUNY Cortland diploma or transcript
  • Cover page graphic to a dual diploma agreement between SUNY Cortland and another college
  • Graphic on printed programs for Commencement, Honors Convocation, Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference, Academic Convocation or on banners hanging at the ceremonies
  • Plaques and certificates for presidential and academic awards

Unapproved Usage

  • As a logo on letterhead, stationery, business cards, merchandise or signage
  • Graphic on promotional materials, plaques or displays for non-academic ceremonies

All logos and marks are the property of SUNY Cortland and may only be used with written permission. These logos may not be altered in any way. Please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 with any questions regarding usage. All graphics are trademarks of SUNY Cortland.