Additional Email Guidelines

Background Colors

White backgrounds should be used in all email messages. Wallpaper graphics and custom background colors should not be used.


Approved SUNY Cortland typefaces should be used for all email body copy and signatures. Guidelines on the use of approved primary and alternate typefaces can be accessed under the Fonts section of this Communication Guide.

if the primary fonts of Agenda and Americana are not available, Verdana and Georgia typefaces respectively should be substituted when using electronic communications such as PowerPoint, email or other online communications.

Font Color

A black font color should be used as the default in email signatures and original email body copy. The use of a red font color to represent the College name in the signature is optional.


In order to place primary emphasis on the College, division, school, unit, department or program, only the College logo provided in the Communication Guide template should be used in SUNY Cortland correspondences.

Photos, Images or Graphics

Photos, images or graphics should not be used in conjunction with your email signature.  


No quote(s), apart from the body of a message, should be used in a SUNY Cortland email correspondence.


If you continue to experience problems posting to your lists or need help changing your list subscription or signature, please contact the The Help Center at 607-753-2500 for further assistance.