Promoting News and Campus Events

University messaging outlets — including Campus Communicator, press releases and the visual messaging system — are used to promote SUNY Cortland activities. Off-campus events will be considered for promotion if the event is sponsored by or in partnership with a recognized university organization, office or department.

The Bulletin

Published online biweekly for most of the calendar year, The Bulletin contains announcements, news reports and notices of campus events. The publication is emailed to faculty, staff and students. Campus events posted in The Bulletin event calendar can also be posted on the campus visual messaging system.


Event and faculty and staff announcements should be submitted one week prior to The Bulletin publication date. Contact the editor at at least two weeks in advance to suggest news release and feature story topics. 

How to submit

Contact Wendy Brooks, editor, at Articles of more than 50 words should be submitted in Microsoft Word format by email.

Campus visual messaging system

The university has installed flat screen informational panels at several locations around campus. The purpose of the screens is to convey up-to-date emergency, safety and weather information, as well information regarding upcoming cultural, intellectual and sporting events of campus-wide interest.

Slides promoting events can run continuously for up to two weeks prior to the event. Information and available graphics should be submitted to Wendy Brooks at, at least 48 hours prior to the event, although earlier notice will guarantee greater exposure. We recommend a limit of10 to 15 words and require the following: event title, date, time, location and brief description. Include speaker name and title if applicable.

Screens can be viewed in the following locations:

  • CATV Channel 2
  • Corey Union
  • Education Building
  • Miller Building
  • Old Main
  • Park Center
  • Professional Studies Building — Main Lobby, Clinic Lobby
  • Sperry Center — First, Second and Third Floors
  • Service Group
  • Van Hoesen Hall


Information regarding SUNY Cortland’s more than 68,000 alumni appears bi-annually in Columns, the official publication of Alumni Engagement.


Columns is published in April and Oct. of each year. The copy deadline is six weeks prior to each publication.

How to submit

Updates on alumni, for example job promotions, weddings, births, deaths, feature stories in other publications, awards and honors, should be emailed to Suggestions for feature articles on SUNY Cortland alumni should be directed to Jennifer Wilson, Columns assistant editor.

Event announcement template

Use the outline below for invitations, emails, announcements or posters related to on-campus events.


  1. Event Title (use Agenda bold) 
  2. [day], [month] [date], [year]
    [start time] to [end time]
  3. Description
    • Explain the event in a few sentences.
    • Are attendees required to sign up? If so, is there a deadline?
    • Where is more information available? Link to a webpage or attach a document if appropriate.
  4. Contact information
  5. Accommodation statement


Writing style workshop

Friday, May 24, 2019
11 a.m. to noon
Brockway Hall Jacobus Lounge

Join the Marketing Office for a discussion of the SUNY Cortland Writing Style Guide. Topics will include campus locations, dates and times, punctuation, professional titles, preferred terms and any questions from the group.

Registration is not required. Bring any piece of writing you would like to edit.

Learn more about writing style in the Communication Guide. For more information, contact Monica Edwards at 607-753-4699 or

To ensure all campus community members can fully participate in this event, please contact the Marketing Office at 607-753-2519 for questions about accessibility or to request accommodations.



  • Include and spell out the day of the week, followed by a comma.
  • Abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. Write out March, April, May, June and July.
  • Use a numeral and do not include ordinals (1 rather than 1st).


  • Leave out :00 for times on the hour.
  • Include a.m. and p.m.
  • Use “to” or a hyphen for time spans.
  • It is unnecessary to repeat a.m. or p.m. for times within the same span (1-3:30 p.m., but 11 a.m.-1 p.m.).
  • Use noon and midnight instead of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m.


  • Use building name followed by room number (Old Main, Room 110).
  • See the SUNY Cortland Writing Style Guide for the list of building names and rooms without numbers.


  • Courtesy titles (Dr., Mrs., Mr.) are only used for formal events.
  • Capitalize professional titles when used before a name but not when used after.

Phone numbers

  • List full number, including area code.
  • Separate with hyphens rather than parentheses or periods.

Punctuation and symbols

  • Follow periods, colons and semicolons with only one space.
  • Do not use a comma before “and” in simple lists.
  • Use exclamation points rarely.
  • Make sure apostrophes and quotation marks are curved.
  • Write out the word “and.” Ampersands should only be used for proper names that include them.
  • Reserve the at symbol (@) for email addresses.

Other tips

  • Avoid pasting long URLs into body text. In emails, hyperlink using descriptive text. In print, use shortened URLs when possible, and omit http://www unless doing so would produce an error.
  • Use Agenda font whenever possible. It can be downloaded from myRedDragon.
  • Limit font styling (size, color, centering, etc.)


News releases

The Communications Office writes, edits and distributes media releases about SUNY Cortland newsworthy subject matter; intellectual, cultural and intercollegiate sporting events; and significant accomplishments of faculty, staff and students. The releases are disseminated to WSUC-FM, the Dragon Chronicle, the Cortland Standard, area radio stations, regional print and broadcast media, and to designated media outlets throughout New York state and the nation. The information is also used for the SUNY Cortland news website, The Bulletin, Columns and the campus visual messaging system.


Information and background materials regarding the upcoming event or award earned must be received by the Communications Office ideally two-to-three weeks before but no later than a week prior to the event or, in the case of professional accolades and accomplishments, as soon as possible following notification of the award.

How to submit

The information should be emailed to Jennifer Wilson, associate director of communications. The campus mailing address is: Communications Office, Brockway Hall, Room 215-A. Topics dealing with intercollegiate athletics should be directed to Fran Elia, sports information director.

Open House toolkit

Speakers Bureau and Campus Experts

The Communications Office coordinates external groups looking for a faculty or staff member as a possible speaker or to provide expertise in a given area.


As much advance time as possible should be allowed to secure and schedule the speaker and/or expert.

How to submit

Requests for assistance should be directed to the Communications Office at 607-753-2232 or by email to