Multicultural Life
and Diversity Office

Corey Union, Room 407-A
Phone: 607-753-2336
Fax: 607-753-2808

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Meet the Staff

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Noelle Chaddock Paley, Director

Noelle teaches in Africana Studies and Philosophy and is the director of SUNY Cortland's Multicultural Life and Diversity Office. She also serves as a student, faculty and staff advocate ensuring fair and equitable treatment institutionally at SUNY Cortland. Paley has been working with the Office of Diversity and Equity in Education at the SUNY System level and attended the 2010 Chief Diversity Officer’s Conference in Albany. Paley advises student organizations and supervises professional staff members and student workers. SUNY Cortland students have honored her the last two spring semesters as an “Exemplary Woman of Color.” Paley is currently pursuing a doctorate in philosophy, interpretation and culture; was a Clark Fellow; and will be awarded a women’s studies certificate at graduation from SUNY Binghamton, where she previously earned a Master of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. Paley received the SUNY Binghamton Human Development Faculty Award for Scholar Activist as well as its Human Development Faculty Award for Outstanding Commitment to Racial and Gender Justice. Her areas of teaching and research include mixed race identity politics and formations; Hip Hop culture; Hip Hop as a philosophic discourse; Africana women on film; prejudiced, discrimination and morality; diasporic fiction; philosophy and law; markets, ethics and law; methods of reasoning; reproductive justice; racial and gender justice; prison abolition; research methods; performance activism and voice training.

 Ann Cutler

Ann Cutler, Secretary

Ann came to SUNY Cortland in 2004 and doesn't plan to leave until her retirement! She is originally from New Jersey but she has lived in Cortland for 35 years.  Even with that much experience with the area she still hates winter! Ann feels the best part of her job is working with the students.  In addition to serving as the secretary, Ann serves as an advisor to Omega Phi Beta. 

Picture of Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson, Interim Assistant Director 

Melissa Silva Wilson is the current Residence Hall Director in Casey Tower at SUNY Cortland. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary English Education, and a Master of Science in Education degree for Literacy and Reading, Melissa seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in education--both at the secondary and higher education levels. Coming from a Portuguese ESL family, Melissa has developed a passion for languages and hopes to share this passion with others at the college. Some of her proudest achievements in doing diversity work has included becoming SafeZone trainer certified, advising the department Student Conference on Diversity, Equity and Social Justice the last two years, being inducted into Kente, and attending the Multicultrual Life and Diversity Office annual leadership retreat.

Picture of William Hernandez

William Hernandez, Interim Assistant Director

William Hernandez is the current Residence Hall Director of Fitzgerald Hall at SUNY Cortland. Will originally obtained his bachelors of science in Psychology and Sociology from SUNY Oneonta. He also obtained his Master of Science in Student Affairs Administration from Binghamton University. William has volunteered his services in the office last year by assisting with the Somos el Futuro conference in the spring of 2014 at Albany. He has also chaperoned a couple of dances for some of our student organizations. It is Will's goal that everyone feels at home at SUNY Cortland and is working hard to make sure that goal becomes a reality.

Picture of Rachael Forester

Rachael Forester, Interim Assistant Director

Rachael Forester is the Residence Hall Director in Glass Tower and a SUNY Cortland graduate. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood/Childhood Education and Master of Science in Education degree in English as a Second Language, Rachael works to provide an equitable experience for all students. Rachael has a passion for helping others, promoting diversity, and encouraging students to be confident in all aspects of their identities. Rachael is a Safe Zone Trainer and the advisor for Spectrum- Cortland’s Gay Straight Alliance. She is a huge advocate for the LGBTQIA community and lends herself to programming in this area as often as possible.
Carl Copeland, Art Intern

Carl Copeland, Art Intern

Carl is a New Media Design and is assisting us as our Art Intern for the Multicultural Life and Diversity Office. Examples of his responsibilities include designing logos, flyers, posters to advertise our initiatives from our office.

Lisbeth Ortiz, SOMOS/Model Senate Student Coordinator

Lisbeth Ortiz, SOMOS/Model Senate Student Coordinator

Lisbeth is a Criminology Major with a Minor in Spanish. She was a member of Somos el Futuro Model Senate, which helped her network, obtain speech skills, and learn about the political process. She is currently the student coordinator for Somos el Futuro Model Senate. Her responsibilities include guiding the participants in understanding proposed political bills and how to design their own. She holds office hours and recruits students interested in participating in the program.