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GeoBlue Worldwide International Health Insurance and Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Policy

If you need medical treatment while abroad, please contact:

GeoBlue Worldwide Global Health and Safety Call Center

Outside the U.S. (call collect) +1.610.254.5850

Toll Free Inside the U.S.: 1.800.481.6647

The State University of New York's Board of Trustees has MANDATED that all students studying abroad be covered by comprehensive health insurance. A SUNY comprehensive health insurance policy is available for all participants in any overseas program sponsored by a SUNY campus. 

GeoBlue is the SUNY provider of international health insurance for study abroad students. GeoBlue has a wide network of health care providers in locations around the world. If you receive medical care outside of the GeoBlue-network, you can submit a reimbursement form to Geo-Blue.

GeoBlue Worldwide is a required purchase for all study abroad students studying on a SUNY Cortland program. GeoBlue provides Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage, included with the GeoBlue Worldwide policy. Some of the services provided include: multilingual telephone access to one or more of the fully staffed emergency centers 24-hours a day, consultation concerning second opinions and coordination of evacuation or repatriation arrangements.

GeoBlue Worldwide covers the student only for the duration of the overseas program unless you request to extend it through the International Programs Office. You will be billed by the International Programs Office for the length of coverage you have selected.

Students covered under GeoBlue are only expected to pay their medical expenses in person when visiting an out of network medical provider. To ensure that you are visiting an in-network GeoBlue medical provider, call GeoBlue to have them schedule your medical appointment with an in-network doctor or hospital. In-network doctors and hospitals are also available online at, but please make every effort to call GeoBlue to set-up your medical visits. Of course, in the event of a medical emergency, proceed directly to the nearest doctor or hospital.

If inside the US/Canada call: 1-800-257-4823

If outside the US/Canada call: 1-610-254-8771 (collect calls accepted)

GeoBlue Students Website


These phone numbers and more information are located on the back of your GeoBlue ID card.

If you are covered by GeoBlue and visiting an out of network medical provider, you should submit claims to the insurance company for reimbursement. This is also the case with most insurance companies in the U.S. Claim forms for GeoBlue are available below. Claim forms may also be downloaded from GeoBlue website.

GeoBlue Health Insurance Information and Documents


GeoBlue Insurance ID Card and Login Instructions - Generic instructions on how to create a login for the website.

GeoBlue Reimbursement/Claim Form - Submit to GeoBlue after visiting a non-GeoBlue medical provider abroad.

GeoBlue Member Guide - Information guide outlining GeoBlue member benefits.

GeoBlue Certificates of Insurance - Detailed information of GeoBlue policy coverage.

  • NOTE: Think carefully before canceling any other health insurance you may have because the SUNY study abroad health insurance coverage is not in effect in the country of your home residence, therefore, it will NOT cover you in the United States. We recommend that students keep domestic health insurance in effect in the event that they need to return home unexpectedly from abroad for any reason.

Upon enrollment into GeoBlue, you will receive a welcome email containing your enrollment information, ID card, and user name and password for You can use to find participating doctors and hospitals abroad, medical translations, health profiles for cities and countries, benefit information, and more.


**Disclaimer (per SUNY Policy): “Neither the State of New York, through its agents, nor the State University of New York through its agents and employees, is responsible in any manner whatsoever for the payment of any claim for health-related services provided to individuals covered under this insurance policy. The State of New York and State University of New York are not responsible for obligations incurred by individuals who are not covered by this insurance policy. All individuals participating in State University’s health insurance program described herein are responsible for reviewing all descriptions of the scope and level of coverage offered by this policy. Such participants will be solely responsible for obtaining additional coverage not provided under this program if such is deemed necessary by the participant.” - SUNY Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Graduate Studies, and Professional Programs and Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business, Memorandum to Presidents, “Guidelines for the Implementation of Health Insurance Coverage for International Exchange, Research, and Study Programs, Vol. 86, No. 9, June 5, 1986

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