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FAQ - Office 365 in Education 

Q. What is Office 365 in Education? 

A. Office 365 in Education is a suite of products hosted by Microsoft that includes 

email, sites (personal web pages), file storage, instant messaging, web conferencing, 

collaboration tools and streaming Microsoft Office. 

Q. Why are we moving to Office 365 in Education? 

A. It offers our users more storage for email and files, includes collaboration and communication 

tools we don’t currently have, and brings faculty, staff and students back into one environment 

(today students use Google Apps in Education and faculty/staff use a college Exchange server). 

Q. How much does it cost? Will we save money? 

A. Office 365 in Education is free. We anticipate it will save the college $100,000 over ten years 

(estimated savings in servers, storage and licenses). 

Q. Can I continue to use Outlook for email and calendaring? 

A. Yes. Office 365 is essentially the exact same email/calendaring system we currently have – it is 

just moved to Microsoft’s data center and is housed on their servers. 

Q. Will my email address change? 

A. No. Your Office 365 mailbox will still be the same address. 

Q. How much storage will I get with Office 365? 

A. You will have 25 GB of storage. 

Q. Will I lose any of my current email, appointments and contacts? 

A. No. The service will migrate all of your current email, appointments and contacts to your Office 

365 account. 

Q. Can I still check people’s availability using free/busy on the calendar? 

A. Yes, All the typical functionality of Outlook is still available. 

Q. How will I access my Office 365 mailbox? 

A. You will access it the same way you do today. Outlook and Outlook Web App will function the 

same way they do today. 

Q. Will I be able to access my mailbox when I am away from campus? 

A. Yes, you will log into myRedDragon and access your email from the Home tab just like 

you do today. 

Q. Will Microsoft be looking at my email so they can advertise to me? 

A. No. Your mailbox belongs to Cortland. Microsoft does not scan email or documents. 

Q. Is it secure? 

A. Yes. All communication with Office 365 servers is encrypted. All content is housed on servers 

within the United States. Microsoft is compliant with all world-class security standards including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPPA, BAA and FISMA and this is verified third-party auditors. 

Q: Is my data encrypted? 

A: All data in transit from your desktop over Cortland's network and the Internet is encrypted using SSL 2048 bit encryption. 

Q: Will my data be handled securely in the cloud? 

A: Microsoft provides the ability to encrypt data at rest, stored on their servers, so that it cannot be viewed by unauthorized personnel. 

Q. Is there virus and spam protection? 

A. Yes. Microsoft provides up-to-date virus and spam protection as part of the service offering 

to colleges and universities. 

Q. What happens if the campus Internet connection is down? 

A. In order to access your Office 365 account, you must have an Internet connection. If you have a smart phone, you can still get to your email through your phone’s data connection. Office 365 email accounts will continue to receive email.