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Welcome to Microsoft Office 365!

On June 25, 2014, your SUNY Cortland email account changed to Microsoft Office 365.  The new platform includes 50 MBs of storage for email, calendar, OneDrive (file storage), Sites (webspace), and Lync (instant messaging). Please check out to learn more about Microsoft Office 365.

Why did it change?

The SUNY Google contract has several constraints that do not permit users to utilize new features.  To enable these features would break the contract. The campus will share a common address book across all of the students, faculty and staff.  It will also be much easier to collaborate and share files since everyone will be on the same platform.   

Has my email address or password change?

No, your email address and password will stay exactly the same. 

What about all of my old stuff in my Google Apps account?

You can still access your old Google Apps account for one year, but new messages will go to your Microsoft Office 365 account. 

To sync SUNY Cortland email to your mobile device, please look at the links provided for instructions:

For those of you who have created SGA Club accounts using Google sites, Information Resources will provide assistance in migrating your Club site to Office 365 in the fall.
For any questions about this, please call x2500 or email .

For more information please visit\email