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Poster Production

The Poster Production Service of Memorial Library, offered through the Academic Web Development Office, provides design assistance and poster production for faculty and professional staff presenting their research at conferences and related presentations, such as Scholar’s Day.  Printing is limited to scholarly presentations. As part of the service, faculty will be assisted with their designs for posters and then poster(s) will be printed in the library.  Students wishing to produce posters for research and scholarly conferences such as Scholar’s Day may request them through a sponsoring member of the faculty.  Policies, procedures and recommendations for poster production can be found in myRedDragon.

*The Campus Actvities office provides a poster/banner printing service for other large format printing needs such as events, announcements or wall-displays.

For more detailed information about this and other services, forms and technology related policies log in to myRedDragon and visit the Tech Help tab.

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