Office Information

Winchell Hall, Room 213
Phone: (607) 753-2310
Fax: (607) 753-5999

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Navigation Tips

What are Tabs?

Tabs in myRedDragon, are a way to organize information in an easy to navigate manner.  Tabs appear across the top header within myRedDragon.  Groups of information are contained in tabs, and you can quickly navigate between tabs using the tab buttons.

What are Channels?

Channels are the boxes of information within tabs.  Channels provide links to important information.  Channels are organized by department or topics. 

What are My Announcements and Campus Announcements?

The portal provides a mechanism to communicate with all users logging into the myRedDragon portal.  Important information such as hold, account balances, and important alerts will be posted to the My Announcements channel. 

The Campus Announcements channel will be used for postings such as campus closures, emergencies, security alerts, and other information impacting the campus.

For more detailed information about this and other services, forms and technology related policies log in to myRedDragon and visit the Tech Help tab.

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