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Personal Computers/Printers/Software

Do I need to bring a computer?

We strongly recommend that you bring a computer (preferably a laptop). Students find it very convenient to use their own computers in their residence hall or campus apartment as well as throughout the campus. Wireless service is available in the campus housing as well as in academic buildings.

Do I need to bring a printer?

Many students find a personal printer convenient. However, you may also print in campus computer labs. Soon, you will be able to print wirelessly to computer lab printers from your personal laptop computer.

What kind of computer should I purchase?

Both Windows and Mac computers are used on campus. Some majors rely more on a particular operating system (Windows or Mac), so you may want to check with the department. Otherwise, we recommend you stay with the operating system with which you are most familiar.

What kind of anti-virus and anti-spyware software should I purchase?

There are dozens of security software programs that provide very good protection. You should look for programs that provide automatic updates to ensure your computer is protected from new threats.

What kind of software will I need?

You will need word processing and spreadsheet software. Google Apps provides a generic version of these programs; however, most faculty will require that you turn in assignments with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel compatibility. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase Microsoft Office

Are discounts available?

Yes! As a SUNY Cortland student, you qualify for hardware and software discounts through the College Bookstore as well as e-Academy (software reseller).

Network Services

Where is wireless service available on campus?

Wireless service is available throughout the residence halls, campus apartments and academic buildings.

I have a smartphone or iPad?- can I connect to the campus wireless service?

Yes, you can connect to the residence hall/campus apartment wireless service as well as the campus wireless service. Contact The Help Center for assistance.