Campus Communicator

Campus Communicator

Campus Communicator has replaced all campus-wide email lists (i.e. SUNY Cortland Faculty/Staff, SUNY Cortland Students, Cultural and Intellectual Events, etc.) in January 2017. Users with privileges to send to these lists will have privileges to use Campus Communicator. Please signin to myRedDragon to set your preferences, you must select at least 5 categories to be delivered to your inbox, a digest email will be sent daily between 4 and 4:30 pm. All categories are selected by default

Information for Students

Campus Communicator puts you in charge of what you want to be sent to your inbox

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Information for Faculty and Staff

The way you check your SUNY Cortland email, Outlook for the Web, your mobile device and Outlook will not be changing. How you promote/subscribe which emails you want to have delivered directly to your inbox will be changing

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Important Terms

Promote: You can promote (or subscribe to) different types of messages based on their category. The promoted messages will delivered directly to your Inbox. Message categories that are not promoted will be delivered as part of a daily digest email.

Categories: Message categories are used to classify email by type and allow users to select which topics they are most interested in. A full listing of categories and their descriptions may be found here.

Daily Digest or Digest: - a daily compilation of all the emails sent via Communicator. The digest will be sent daily at 4:30 PM and it have a table of contents and listings of the events happening the next day.

What is Campus Communicator?

Campus Communicator is a custom messaging system, designed by and for SUNY Cortland. It gives students, faculty, and staff the power to select which types of email get delivered directly to their inbox. Senders will be able “tag” their messages with categories to be delivered to the appropriate audiences while recipients can subscribe to the categories to customize their email deliveries. In addition, all email sent campus-wide via Communicator will be combined into a single message delivered at the end of the day, called a digest email. Email sent using Communicator will also be posted to myRedDragon and can be included on departmental web pages.

How do I send messages with it?

Campus Communicator has been designed as an add-in for Office 365 Outlook Web Access and Outlook. Authorized users compose email just as they have always done, however, using the Communicator add-in, they tag the email with categories, sending it directly to some recipients’ inboxes and to everyone on campus via the daily digest.

Who will receive the messages?

Students, faculty, and staff can select 5 or more categories of email to be delivered directly to their inbox, so if an email is ‘tagged’ with one of those categories they will receive it. Also, everyone on campus will receive the daily digest email which contains all the messages sent via Communicator that day.

How do I select which messages I want to promote/subscribe?

Starting, Winter of 2017, you will be able to select which emails get delivered directly to your inbox via myRedDragon on the home tab.

Where can I see a listing of all the messages?

Starting in Winter of 2017, there will be a Communicator channel in myRedDragon on the home tab, there you can see all the messages sent via Communicator.

How long will it take for people to receive my email?

For users who selected the categories you tagged, they should receive the email within 15 minutes, Digest emails will be sent at 4:30 PM daily and should be delivered within one hour.

What is the difference between the old Communicate and the new Campus Communicator?

First, the old Communicate is now called Targeted Messaging. Targeted Messaging is used to send directed content to a specific grouping of users while the new Campus Communicator is for bulk communications.

Will the old communicate (now MRD Targeted Messages) still be used?

Yes, Targeted Messaging will still be used. It is for sending directed content to a specific group of users, e.g. everyone living in Alger Hall, or all English majors, so it is very useful, but it is important to not use Targeted Messages to address large populations. Because we now have Campus Communicator for bulk communications, Targeted Messaging will have some new requirements; it cannot be used to send to more than 1200 users at one time, and a single user cannot send to more than 3000 users in a single day. If you need to adjust these rules you will need to contact the Help Center.