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Recycle Committee


This guide outlines SUNY Cortland's recycling program. It is designed to provide straightforward information about how you can recycle successfully on our campus.

What Can I Recycle?


All office paper; any color, NCR (carbonless copy paper), glossy, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, newspapers, brown paper bags, construction paper, etc. should be mixed together. You will find the receptacles are under signs and/ or labels printed in red ink. Pizza boxes, cereal boxes and corrugated cardboard may also be recycled, but must be clean. For more information, see your building custodian.


This includes glass, cans, milk containers and number one and two plastics. Plastics are numbered on the bottom of the container and are signified by a number inside a triangle. You will find receptacles under signs and labels printed in green ink.

Deposit Bottles/Cans

A receptacle for these items is situated in each building. If a receptacle is not provided, place bottles or cans in the co-mingle receptacle. To find out the location for recycling bottles and cans, contact your building custodian.

Toner Cartridges

To recycle laser jet cartridges, send them through campus mail to the Central Warehouse where they will be sent to a toner recycling company. Other printers and copiers generally come with a shipping label so that they can be mailed back to the vendor for recycling.

Ink Cartridges

Recycle ink cartridges in your residence hall. Drop off your empty ink cartridges at you hall’s staff office during their posted office hours. The staff will then send them out to be recycled.

Recycle ink cartridges in your academic building. A dispenser containing the mailers to send your empty ink jet cartridges to the company located in your building mailroom. Simply put your used cartridge in a mailer, seal it and drop it in the mail.

You can also recycle your empty cartridges from home by bringing them in and mailing them.

For more information about recycling, please contact Tim Slack.

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Recycling Committee

The SUNY Cortland Campus Recycling Committee provides leadership to SUNY Cortland in successfully meeting and/or exceeding recycling mandates, by providing direction on their implementation, and through the education of students, faculty, and staff on waste management issues.

Committee Members

Dianne Bays, Physical Plant, Custodial - Academic Buildings
Alex Evangelista, Physical Plant, Custodial - Residential Halls
Jennifer Kozlowski, ASC
Sarah Gingrich, Residential Services
Melinda Ferguson, Physical Plant
Rhonda Jacobs, Center for Environmental and Outdoor Education
Kris McGettrick, Central Warehouse/Mail Services
Linette Mowers, Physical Plant, General Services
Don Moody, Physical Plant, Grounds
Tim Slack, Chair, Physical Plant
Chris Tucker, Property Control
Amy Twiss, Environmental Health and Safety

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