Facilities Operations and Services

The physical plant

The Facilities Operations and Services maintains and operates the physical facilities of SUNY Cortland in order to provide a clean, attractive, safe, healthy and productive environment for living, teaching, learning, playing and working.

Our goal is to provide these services to our customers in a manner consistent with SUNY Cortland′s culture of improvement.

We make a difference!

Facts about Facilities

The main campus encompasses 2 1/2 million square feet, with a replacement value of $340 million dollars, consisting of 41 structures linked by underground electrical, sanitary, storm, gas, steam and domestic water lines on 191 acres, including 45 acres of athletic fields all maintained by Facilities Operations and Services staff.

In addition, Facilities Operations and Services is responsible for 276,000 square feet of roads, 576,000 square feet of walks, steps and terraces, 35 acres of manicured lawn, more than 175 air conditioning/refrigeration units, 32 elevators, two Olympic-size swimming pools, a 2,400 seat ice arena and over 4,000 pieces of mechanical equipment, all of which are tracked by a preventative maintenance management system.

Facilities Operations and Services also provides support services and supplies to satellite operations at Hoxie Gorge, Brauer Education Center in Selkirk, N.Y., and the 446-acre Outdoor Recreation Center at Raquette Lake.


Operations and Services

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