Interview Etiquette Program

Interviewing Etiquette Dinners:  An Informative Evening

Offered each fall for all majors and each spring for education majors.

  • Hear directly from people making hiring and employment decisions
  • Find out tricks to gain an edge in an interview
  • Connect with successful alumni


Highlighted tips and suggestions discussed at the dinner:

  • First impressions are important: firm handshake, eye contact  and smile
  • Avoid talk on politics, religion, etc. – be cordial but attempt to stay on the topic of employment
  • Get your message out quickly and convincingly
  • Never say anything negative about either yourself or someone else (or prior employers!)
  • Use your networks/connections (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Research the company or district before the meeting; know the organization’s background, mission, customers, etc.: incorporate that knowledge into the conversation
  • Know a little about the recruiter’s work background
  • Never ask about benefits, pay, or vacation before being offered the job
  • Have 3 strong questions you want to ask the employer
  • Know why you’re the right fit for the job! Be mentally prepared to explain and dispel any doubts
  • Afterward, send thank you letters to everyone

Interview Etiquette Program Forms