Social Media

Social Media and the Job Search

If you are not at least thinking about social media as a tool for networking and personal brand development, you are being left behind.

Employers and recruiters are using these tools to find the best and brightest candidates, screen for red flags, and post job opportunities.

Don't waste the medium...use it to further your career!

What is hot changes all the time, but here are a few tips for some of the big #SoMe (Social Media) platforms:


Sloppy privacy settings in Facebook have the potential to do the most damage...especially for education majors. Be vigilant about your privacy settings, your friends list, your tagged photos, likes, or anything else that can reflect on your poorly. Making sure you know how your profile looks to "friends of friends" is also important.  When in doubt, block and delete.

SUNY Cortland Career Services and Student Employment Services both have pages you can like to find articles of interest or see fresh job opportunities.  Like us, and any other departments or businesses that can improve your professional reputation.


If you get past the food, brand, and celebrity posts, Twitter is an exceptional tool to stay current in your industry. Consider a professional Twitter account tied to your name, where you can follow thought leaders in your industry and share timely and relevant news items. 

SUNYCortlandCS is our office account, and you can keep up-to-date on digital dirt resources by following the #digitaldirt hashtag.


Hands-down the best social media to use in your career planning and development! Create your profile (LinkedIn makes this process pretty easy and intuitive). Join professional association groups in your industry.  Ask questions and engage in communities.

Finding alumni and group connections helps you navigate companies and employment opportunities, and recruiters are heavily active on LinkedIn searching for qualified candidates.

The SUNY Cortland Students and Alumni Group is a great place to start making connections.


Image is Critical:

It is not enough to merely block or hide any potentially damaging content. You must work to actively build a positive, professional reputation online.  

Don't know where to start?  
Come see a digital dirt specialist on location (schedule to right) or in Career Services, B-5 Van Hoesen Hall.

Digital Dirt Checks
How does your online presence look to a potential employer?

#digitaldirt checks in Career Services during drop-in hours Monday and Thursday from 1:30-3:30