Purchasing Office

SUNY Cortland
P.O. Box 2000
Miller Building, Room 309
Cortland, NY 13045

Phone: (607) 753-2305
Fax: (607) 753-5486

Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


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Preferred Sources


New York State Department of Correctional Services
Division of Industries
550 Broadway, Menands, NY 12204
Phone (518) 436-6321 1 (800) 436-6321
FAX (518) 472-1614 1 (800) 898-5895
Web Address: http://www.corcraft.org

296 Washington Avenue Extension
Albany, NY 12203-5346
Phone (518) 456-8671
FAX (518) 456-3587
Web Address: http://www.ibnys.org

155 Washington Avenue, Suite 400
Albany, NY 12210
Phone (518) 463-9706
FAX (518) 463-9708
Email: admin@nysid.org
Web Address: http://www.nysid.org

44 Holland Avenue
Albany, NY 12229
Phone (518) 474-0121





Corcraft is the manufacturing program of the New York State Department of Correctional Services. Corcraft's mission is to support the Department'smission in four key areas:

1. Keeps inmates employed to help prevent disruption

2. Helps offset the cost of incarceration

3. Teaches work disciplines

4. Helps address taxpayer expectations that inmates do something productive while incarcerated.

In addition, Corcraft provides training, work experience and a work ethic to help inmates return to their communities prepared for employment. Corcraft produces approximately 300 products for office, institutional and educational markets in the following categories: 

  • License plates
  • Office, educational and institutional furniture and equipment
  • Textile and apparel goods like bedding and uniforms
  • Printing and signage
  • Soap and janitorial supplies
  • Eyeglasses

These products are produced in 30 shops in 15 correctional facilities. Corcraft is restricted to selling its products to its own Department, state and local governments, public schools and universities, and eleemosynary not for profits. Corcraft must win customers through competitive pricing, high quality and excellent service.


 Industries for the Blind

 The mission of Industries for the Blind of New York State, Inc. is a human and powerful one: to afford New Yorkers who are blind the opportunity to perform ably in doing meaningful work and to gain the self-respect, self-confidence and sense of purpose that productive employment can bring -- while providing quality products and services at reasonable prices to state agencies, political subdivisions, school districts, fire protection districts and public benefit corporations.

Our affiliated industries manufacture the pencils you write with, the flags you salute, the brooms that you sweep with, and the safety vests that you wear. They produce the towels that dry you, the latex gloves you wear for protection and the mops that clean your floors. They send you mail and provide answering services for phones that you call. In short these are real jobs for New Yorkers, with an economic multiplier effect which generates additional related jobs, tax revenues and other economic benefits for the State of New York.

Our affiliated industries in New York City, Albany, Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, Elmira and Binghamton make a wide variety of products and provide a growing list of services, including CD replication and call center services that you can trust for quality and value for excellent pricing. The stability of employment opportunities for those involved in the Industries for the Blind program is dependent upon our ability to satisfy you, the consumer, with these products and services. It is our goal to provide you with the service you deserve. Feel free to write or call with any comments. You will receive prompt, personal attention from one of our staff.


Industries for the Disabled

New York State Industries for the Disabled, or NYSID, is a not-for-profit organization established in 1976 by the New York State Commissioner for Education in response to amendments to the State Finance Law, now reaffirmed in the Procurement Stewardship Act of 1995.

The law supports vocational empowerment of people with severe disabilities by making the organizations that serve them eligible for state contracts as preferred sources. NYSID was set up to act as the central coordinator for its member rehabilitation agencies in pursuing and carrying out commodities and services contracts with state agencies and political subdivisions.

Currently, 137 rehabilitation agencies have been certified by VESID for NYSID membership. Of these, 80 hold preferred source contracts and others stand ready to supply commodities and services. By doing so, they fulfill the goal of the law by giving persons with severe disabilities the chance to make use of their abilities --through training, vocational experience and jobs.



"BUY OMH" is a statewide job training and employment initiative which was developed in 1987 by the New York State Office of Mental Health to meet the work readiness and job needs of New Yorkers with a psychiatric disability.

Since its inception, BUY OMH has become nationally and internationally recognized as an effective means of increasing the economic independence, rehabilitation and recovery of persons with psychiatric disabilities. It has also received praise for the quality of its products and services, which underscores the capabilities and  value which recipients of mental health services can bring to the workforce of the state. A network of 20  business programs, most of which are located in community business settings, provide a wide range of products and services primarily to the New York State Office of Mental Health, but also to private businesses and individuals with psychiatric
disabilities in a BUY OMH Program.