Resources for SI Leaders

SI Leader Training Guide (.pdf)independent-study introduction to Supplemental Instruction.  ALL training activities require your familiarity with this material! Read and work through the exercises before training so that you are ready to actively participate.

Job Description and Responsibilities (.pdf): an expanded version of the SI Leader Contract.  From training day obligations to session cancellation policies, this document details what's expected of you.

Learning Theory Basics (.pdf): guide to collaborative sessions with highly involved students.  Here, you'll find all you need to know about Bloom's Taxonomy and the magic of questions, cognitive load and the mystery of why students tune out, learning styles and VARK learning preferences, and wait time vs. think time.  

VARK & Bloom's-friendly strategies (.pdf): take the guess work out of session planning.  These activities are coded for learning preference and Bloom's level of learning.

Strategy Cards (.pdf): online version of the colorful cards used during training.  This version is color-coded by type: leader tips, study techniques, problem-solving, organization, and review.

Creating Study Guides (.pdf): organizing material is key to learning success.  This guide offers step-by-step examples of building the basics: concept maps and branching diagrams, compare/contrast charts, concept cards (extreme flash cards), and diagrams.

No Show Notice (.pdf): don't leave students wondering!  If you're still alone 15 minutes after session start time, feel free to leave, but only after posting this information on/near the board or by the door; it keeps late-arriving students in the communication loop.  

Observation Form (.pdf): tangible reminder of what goes into a great SI session.  ALL leaders are observed by a Coordinator twice a semester, based on the criteria noted in this document.  

Leader Observation Form (.pdf): questions to guide your observation of other leaders. New leaders complete this form while observing two different leaders during your first semester.  Veteran leaders complete this form while observing leader each semester.