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Academic Referrals

Referrals to See Professional Tutors

Referrals to see professional tutors

Do you find yourself working with a student who demonstrates a pattern of behavior that interferes with his or her academic success? Are there patterns of errors or difficulties? Does the student express concerns about how she or he is performing academically?

If so, ASAP has a referral system for professional tutoring that will address your concerns. By providing information about your student, you will aid ASAP in helping the student become a more successful independent learner.

Start here:

First, download and save a copy of our referral form (see sub-menu at right-hand side).
Second, complete the form by articulating the behaviors you are seeing.
Then, mail the referral to ASAP professional staff as an attachment to Next, print a copy for your student. He or she will bring it into the Academic Support and Achievement Program Office, B-205 Van Hoesen. Ask the student to call the office at 607-753-4309 or stop by to schedule a “referral-based appointment” with a professional tutor.
Our professional tutors can provide feedback about the referred student's progress.