Faculty Referral Information

Faculty Referrals

The majority of students who come to SUNY Cortland ASAP for writing deficiencies do so voluntarily, although often at the suggestion of an instructor or advisor.

For those faculty members who prefer a more direct approach, whereby student attendance at ASAP tutorials is mandatory and a written report is sent to the instructor, please follow this procedure:

1. Briefly discuss the paper and its deficiencies with the student in order to clarify the reasons the assignment did not meet your standards for college writing.

2. Advise the student that a written referral has been sent to ASAP in B-205 Van Hoesen (ext. 4309), and that he/she should make an appointment to begin rewriting the paper.

 3. Attach the faculty referral to the paper, checking off boxes denoting areas of weakness, and forward to ASAP, B-205 Van Hoesen, by campus mail.

 4. With the guidance of an ASAP staff member, the student will begin the revision process according to the instructor’s suggestions.  Following the first or second meeting with the student, the tutor will forward a brief written report to the instructor.  If after this initial report an instructor needs additional information about a referred student’s progress, effort or attitude, the instructor should contact ASAP.

5. When the student has developed an understanding of the necessary changes and completed revisions, the student will submit the new draft to the instructor.