Student Feedback About PLTL - SUNY Cortland

Student Feedback About PLTL

Student Testimonials:

"PLTL helped me tremendously with Chem.  I wish it was more than once a week."

"This workshop has been a big help in preparing me for exams.  I would definitely recommend this to a friend."

"Helpful, definitely helped me pass the class."

"PLTL was very beneficial for me.  It helped me try to figure out problems on my own and also answered all the questions I had from previous topics...PLTL increased my Chemistry grade."

"This has been very helpful.  More students should be able to join and other Chemistry or Math classes should have PLTL."

"PLTL is very helpful and is a good revision mechanism.  The fact that we are few helps a lot and the [Leader] does a good job.  I wish there would be one for Chem 222."

"Very helpful!  :)"

"PLTL was BEYOND helpful.  I'm scared to see what my final grade would have looked...had PLTL not been offered...I wish Chem 222 had PLTL!"