Peer Tutoring

Summer Peer Tutoring available ONLINE  (only) beginning 

Monday May 18, 2015

Peer Tutoring

Welcome to the Peer Tutoring web site at SUNY Cortland. All Peer Tutors listed on these pages have taken or are taking a one-semester course entitled the Theory and Practice of Peer Tutoring and have received or are completing the requirements for international certification from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Our Peer Tutors are trained to help students learn how to learn.  They are not instructors and will NOT teach content. 

Unfortunately, we do not have tutors for all subjects taught on campus, but our tutors are available to help out in many different subjects. Peer tutors are paid by your Mandatory Student Activities fees through SGA and you are entitled to one hour of tutoring per class per week at no charge. If you would like to meet with your tutor more than one hour a week for a particular class, you will have to make arrangements to pay your tutor directly.

Please note that tutors have limited hours available and may fill their hours early in the semester.

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