Paws for Stress Relief - SUNY Cortland

Paws for Stress Relief

PAWS for Stress Relief

Monday, May 9th 2016
Tuesday, May 10th 2016

4th Floor Corey Union @ Function Room

Come see CJ and his friends!  Big dogs!  Little dogs!  Puppies!

A student kneels on the floor as she pets C.J the dog

The staff of ASAP has been instrumental in the development of PAWS for Stress Relief, which is designed to help students reduce anxiety and increase academic success. Cortland faculty, staff, and administrators bring their dogs to campus.  Students spend time petting the dogs, playing games and doing crafts such as painting and coloring.

The program began in Spring 2010 and, in 2011, the program grew from one day to two days during finals week. Campus Activities contributed massage chairs and oxygen bar, ASC contributed free bottled water for the students, the Health Promotions Office provided craft supplies, and ASAP organized the schedule for the dogs and brought some of their dogs to the event.

In Fall 2011, 84.2% of attendees surveyed found the event to be above average in helping them relieve stress.

Student comments:

  • “Thought it was great and better than last year even.”
  • “It was fun to do arts and crafts for the first time in years.”
  • “Thank you for having this program available.”