Lynne Parks �¢??68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House


Capital Restoration

In the Spring of 2009, the Alumni Association Board of Directors and College approved the establishment of the Alumni House Restoration Fund. Created to raise the private support to help underwrite major capital expenses, this new “Opportunity to Give” will once again afford donors the chance to have their names permanently associated with the Parks Alumni House.

Donors to the fund will have their name(s) listed on a plaque (see below), which will be permanently installed on the wall of the main entrance across from the plaque that recognize the 'Alumni House Charter Patrons.' This new effort, which is limited to 25 donors/organizations, will be a great opportunity to recognize a loved one, special teacher, coach, or others who have been important in their lives. This initiative will require a donation of $10,000, which may be paid over a five-year period. The overall goal is to raise $250,000.

The Case

The Capital Restoration Fund is a priority of the College’s Capital Campaign-Educating Champions. Raising an additional $250,000 will make it possible to address significant capital needs at the Parks Alumni House.

The additional source of revenue will create much less reliance on the House’s Preservation Fund Endowment allowing the fund to experience maximum investment growth through responsible financial management and stewardship.

The Preservation Fund Endowment currently stands at $1.6 million—the long term goal is to reach $2.5 million through new gift acquisition and long-term growth.

 capital restoration

Capital Projects

After careful review the Board of Directors of the SUNY Cortland Alumni Association, Inc. have identified the following capital projects as priorities:

  1. Veranda ceiling replacement - Completed - Current ceiling is original and in recent years the cement has cracked in a number of areas creating weaknesses and holes.  It has been determined that patching is not feasible so the only solution is total replacement.

  2. Barn replacement - Completed - It has been determined that the current barn cannot be salvaged. The barn serves the majority of the Parks Alumni House’s storage needs as well a work station for general maintenance.

  3. Repurposing the garage to a catering facility - The majority of the larger events hosted by the Parks Alumni House are held outdoors, under a tent in the backyard. The establishment of a catering facility in the existing garage would improve guest satisfaction and the overall experience when attending events at the House. The staff would have the ability to provide more of a variety of food choices, increase the speed of service, as well as improving the overall operation.

  4. Porch lighting and floor - Many events are held outdoors so establishing and enhancing existing porch lighting would provide an extra measure of safety and ambiance. In addition new cement floors will be installed where heaving has occurred and pointing and calking of entrance way and sidewalks.

  5. Phillips and Rist porch floor restoration and new windows - Completed - Both porch floors are covered with canvas materials and recently it was confirmed that original wooden floors exist under this protection. Restoration of the wooded floors was determined to be feasible and in keeping with the priority to protect and preserve the important historical attributes of the Parks Alumni House. Custom windows will need to be installed in the Phillips Porch. Currently screens are temporarily installed for the summer and Plexiglas for the cold months.
  6. Construction of two outside-seasonal bathrooms - Currently there are three restrooms that are available in the Parks Alumni House. For larger events it has become increasingly clear that more restroom facilities are needed and having them located outside would provide more convenience and access.

  7. Plumbing- replacement of existing lead pipes - Replacement of all inside lead pipes will bring the Parks Alumni House plumbing system up to code and alleviate any future concerns regarding the longevity of the current pipes.

  8. Carriage House - Roof repair and trim painting.

  9. Painting - trim and other wood areas on the Alumni House.
  10. Attic Fans and Pointing - Completed - Installation of attic fans for both the main house and carriage house to reduce energy costs for running air-conditioning units. Masonry work needed to repair brick facade of both main and carriage house. 
  11. Other projects and cost overage fund - Other projects under consideration include roof repairs and window replacement. In addition, funds will be set aside to address cost overages which are expected for a home of this age.

The above list also offers some unique naming opportunities. If you are interested in more details or you would like to become a 'Capital Restoration Fund' donor, please contact Rich Coyne '07, General Manager at (607) 753-1561. Naming funds will be added to the Alumni House Preservation Endowment.