Starfish Appointment Instructions for SUNY Broome Students

Transfer Planning for SUNY Cortland fall 2020

My name is Zachary Wilson, and I am the Transfer Mobility Advisor at SUNY Cortland.  SUNY Cortland has partnered with SUNY Broome to create a clear transfer path between the two schools.  We will discuss two- and four-year academic and career planning during virtual one-on-one appointments, held via Webex for fall 2020. Students can make appointments through Starfish, found in your Broome My College portal.  If you need assistance on how to make an appointment through Starfish, please review the step-by-step guide below.  If you have any questions or are a prospective student at SUNY Broome and cannot access Starfish, please email me.

How to Make an Appointment in Starfish

21. Log into My College and Click on the Starfish link from the QuickLaunch Menu
on the right.  From the launch menu , click on “My Success Network” and use the Search Bar to find “Zachary Wilson” or “SUNY Cortland Transfer Path.” Click on my name or service and choose the “Schedule” link.

Starfish search bar - Broome

2. Select a reason for the meeting.  Include an explanation of what you would like to discuss so that I can be prepared for the meeting.

3. Use the small calendar below to quickly identify days with available office hours. You can view additional options by scrolling to bottom and clicking “Show More Times.” Choose your time and click “Continue” to review your selection.  Please be sure to look at the dates available for appointments in the gray bar above the appointment times. Clicking on a day in the calendar will default to my next available appointments, which may or may not be the day you picked.


4. Click Confirm to set the appointment. You will get an email with the appointment details and the appointment will be listed on your Dashboard.

Starfish confirmation screen TC3