PASS for Students

PASS: Promoting Academic Student Success

SUNY Cortland is committed to helping you achieve academic success. Your engagement, motivation and investment are critical to finding that success. The PASS system was developed to provide an additional level of support in providing you with academic feedback and connection to campus resources. If you receive an email from please read and reply.

What is PASS?

  • PASS is an early alert communication tool that allows your instructor to identify concerns they may have regarding your academic performance.
  • PASS provides an additional level of outreach to you in connecting you to campus resources and helping you achieve academic success.

How does PASS help you?

  • A PASS notification helps you know how you might be doing in a particular course and if an instructor has concerns about your performance that might impact your success.
  • PASS helps you connect with campus resources and gain a better understanding of the different areas of support available to you.

What should you do if you receive a PASS outreach?

  • Remember: Receiving a PASS is not a bad thing.
  • Respond to whoever contacted you.
  • Visit your instructor during office hours or before or after class to discuss your performance.
  • Utilize the campus resources available to you.
  • Reflect on your own behavior and investment in the course and identify strategies for improvement.

Helping you achieve academic success:

  • Go to class
  • Be prepared
  • Use and review your syllabus
  • Pay attention to details
  • Communicate with your instructors
  • If you are going to miss class, inform your instructor before hand
  • Ask questions
  • If you don’t understand the material, visit your instructor during office hours for assistance

Guide for Student Success