PASS for Faculty

PASS: Promoting Academic Student Success

PASS is a quick and easy online referral system that allows faculty to report concerns about a student’s academic performance. The referral generates an alert to Advisement and Transition staff who will then reach out to the student and their support group (advisor, associate dean, coach, etc.) if appropriate, to help connect the student to resources and develop a plan for success. 

PASS is designed as an additional way to help address concerns about a student’s academic performance (e.g.: attendance, classroom engagement, grades).*  We are excited to build upon faculty efforts to help our students succeed.

Accessing PASS:

  • Log into myRedDragon
  • Academics Tab
  • Click on Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS) under Advisor Resources
  • Follow the instructions to submit a PASS form

Here's how it works:

PASS Flow chart

Please contact Advisement and Transition at 607-753-4726 or with questions.

*PASS is not intended to respond to mental health or safety concerns. If you have a significant concern about a student’s health, safety or well-being please contact the Behavior Assessment Team (BAT).

We also invite you to include a statement in your syllabus about Promoting Academic Student Success

PASS: Promoting Academic Student Success:

Your success is largely dependent on the time and effort you invest in the course content, material and assignments. As your instructor, if I have a concern about your academic performance, I may reach out to you via email or before or after class. It is expected that you will respond and communicate with me. If I feel an additional level of intervention would be helpful, I may submit a PASS form. PASS is intended to provide increased outreach and support to you. It is expected that you will respond to a PASS outreach email as well, as these communication tools are in place to assist you.