CAPP Report Tutorials

CAPP Reports… What are they and how can you use them?  

CAPP stands for Curriculum Advising and Program Planning - it is your degree audit. Your CAPP Report will show you your degree requirements and how they are currently being met. 

Please select one of the tutorials below for step-by-step instructions on how to run a report.  For individual assistance in reading your CAPP, you may seek help from your Graduate Coordinator or Faculty Advisor.

When you open the tutorials they will appear as a PDF file in a separate window or tab.  You may want to enlarge it for easier reading.

CAPP Report Tutorial for students in an education/certification program (PDF)

CAPP Report Tutorial for students in a non-certification program (PDF) (i.e. M.A. or M.S. degrees).

Additional CAPP Report information - How to read information in the boxes at the bottom of your CAPP Report.

If, at any time, you believe there is a discrepancy, you should ask your Graduate Coordinator/Faculty Advisor.  You may also discuss any CAPP Report issues with your school's Associate Dean.