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Registration Process

The Advisement and Registration Process

  • Do you understand your degree requirements?
  • Which GE courses do you still need to take?
  • Have you met your foreign language requirement?

Easy Steps to Registration

  1. Contact your advisor. Set up an appointment with your advisor to discuss course requirements and academic planning.
  2. Be prepared for your advisement meeting.
    • Draft up a schedule ahead of time with alternate courses. Remember, choosing alternate sections is not the same as choosing an alternate course.
    • Be prepared to ask your advisor questions. The advisement session is a good time to catch up on any questions you have regarding degree requirements, academic opportunities, etc. Jot down some questions you might have and bring them to the advising appointment.
    • Refer to the on-line Course Schedule  to check out course availability.
  3. Get Your PIN to register. During your advisement session, your advisor will go over your schedule with you, sign off on an approved schedule, and give you a PIN to access the "Registration and Drop/Add Classes" icon located on myRedDragon.
  4. Register on the Web!


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