Campus Feedback

Campus Climate Survey

SUNY Cortland conducted the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Campus Climate Survey from February 13, 2019 through March 29, 2019. Population surveys were administered by SUNY System Administration via email to 6,442 students, and 1,304 faculty and staff.  By SUNY policy and in compliance with the New York State Education Law Article 129B, this uniform survey ascertains faculty and staff awareness of policies and resources as well as student experience with and knowledge of reporting and college adjudicatory processes for sexual harassment, including sexual violence and other related crimes. Individual responses were kept strictly confidential.

The response rate for employees was 33 percent (433 employee respondents). The response rate for students was nearly 10 percent (632 respondents). Upon completion of analysis, results will be shared with campus leadership to review overall and specific findings. Educational and prevention outreach, training, and follow-up will continue to take place with students and employees on an annual basis. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Fred Pierce, director of communications, at

Invitation for Feedback

Are you a student, faculty or staff member, or visitor who believes you have been a victim of sexual misconduct?  Sexual misconduct includes but is not limited to: sexual harassment, sex discrimination, sexual assault or intimidation. Whether or not you reported the incident to the college, we’d like your opinion on how we can improve the effectiveness of our campus policies and procedures that address sexual misconduct, stalking, domestic violence or dating violence.  Please share your suggestions and/or feedback by contacting the Title IX Coordinator, 607-753-4550, Miller Building, Room 404, or by email to

Updated June 19, 2019