Equipment List

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  •   1 pair durable, lightweight hiking boots. Break them in.
  •   1 pair of closed-toe water/camp shoes with a heel strap (e.g., Keens, or old sneakers)
  •   3 pair wool/synthetic socks, (plus 2 pair of thin liner socks, if desired)
  •   1 set of long underwear – top and bottom, wool or synthetic material. (NOT COTTON)
  •   1 or 2 wool/fleece shirts or sweaters (NOT COTTON)
  •   2 or 3 T-shirts (synthetic; cotton/poly blend)
  •   1 or 2 long-sleeve shirts, nylon or polyester blend; quick-dry (NOT COTTON)
  •   Windbreaker and wind pants (lightweight)
  •   Rain jacket and pants made of durable waterproof material (if breathable, can be used as wind layer)
  •   1 or 2 pair hiking pants – lightweight nylon/synthetic (NO JEANS OR SWEATPANTS)
  •   2 or 3 pair shorts – lightweight fast-drying nylon or polyester blend (NOT COTTON)
  •   Swimsuit
  •   Sleeping bag w/ compression sack (not bulky; rated to 30°F recommended)
  •   Sleeping pad – ensolite or Thermarest (if Thermarest, you need to have a repair kit for the field)
  •   Warm hat (wool or fleece; yes, it can get cold)
  •   Wool/fleece gloves
  •   Brimmed sun hat or baseball cap
  •   Sunglasses w/ UV protection
  •   Sunscreen
  •   Insect repellant
  •   Lip balm w/ SPF
  •   Toiletry kit (travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, prescription meds, feminine hygiene products)
  •   Cup and spoon, lightweight and durable (bowl optional)
  •   2 one-liter water bottles (Camelbak or similar, plus one liter plastic bottle is okay too)
  •   Headlamp with extra batteries or lightweight flashlight
  •   Pocket knife or multi-tool
  •   Lighter/waterproof matches
  •   Whistle
  •   2 Bandanas
  •   Daypack – nylon, with shoulder straps and waist belt (like the backpack you use to carry books)
  •   Plastic bags in assorted sizes: 2 large garbage size, 2-3 kitchen size, 10 or more gallon-size “zip lock” bags
  •   Personal First Aid Kit (molefoam, band-aids, exam gloves)                               


  •   Small pack towel
  •   Small piece of ensolite pad or Crazy Creek/Thermarest Chair to sit on
  •   Camera

ADDITIONAL clothing and items for IN CAMP:

  •   Jacket, sweater, hat, shirts, shorts, socks, undies and pants (jeans are okay IN CAMP)
  •   Pack and/or duffle bag (a large dry bag will be provided for the canoe trip)
  •   Personal hygiene: towel, shampoo, soap, washcloth, etc.
  •   Toys: Frisbee, cards, small portable things to do (no electronic stuff)
  •   Sheets/pillowcase for use on your bunk in camp (mattresses and pillows are nylon coated) or use your sleeping bag
  •   Pen, pencil, small notebook, journal, etc.

Note: No alcohol, drugs, cell phones, iPods, etc. and no open-toed shoes. Questions? Please ask.