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SUNY Open Access FAQ

Q:  Can I check out books from other SUNY campuses?

A: Yes, you can, with a few easy steps.  You can check out books from a campus closer to home if you’d like to use a collection there. Note that this is just for SUNY campuses – Cornell, Syracuse, Ithaca College, etc., don’t count.

Q:  What do I need to do to get started?

A:  To start, go to the campus library and ask about a SUNY borrower’s card.   You will need to provide your Cortland ID, and they will have to verify your identity.  Then they will tell you what you need to do from there.


  • Check the library’s website for its hours and parking.
  • Visit the first time during regular business hours (8-4), so they can call your campus.  Otherwise, be prepared to wait to check out books until they can do so.
  • If in doubt, call.

Q:  How long can I check books out?

A: The library will tell you how long you can check books out and how many you can keep at a time.  You generally will not be allowed to check out material on reserve.

Q:  How do I return them?

A: You can return the books at any SUNY library.  Please be aware that you are responsible for the material until it reaches the lending library.

Q:  Am I responsible for late fees, fines, and replacement costs?

A: Yes.  Their library can even ask our library for help in finding you and getting the money.

Don’t forget that many libraries allow you to renew books online, which can make your life easier.

Q:  Does this apply to library databases?

A:  Not at this time.