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Library Reserves FAQ

Library Reserves provide access to course readings and materials for the educational programs at SUNY Cortland.

How Do I Access E-Reserves?

What is the Library Reserves Policy?

Did you know?

You can place articles in your course in Blackboard.  When you upload or link to materials from your Blackboard course students will have immediate access to the information.  When the content needs to be edited or changed, there is no need to wait, you can do it in a few simple steps.  The best part is courses, and all the content you have uploaded, can be transferred from one semester to the next.  Here is a tutorial on how to upload files to Blackboard: Uploading files to Blackboard

How can I incorporate electronic articles into Blackboard?

Here is a tutorial on how to incorporate electronic articles into Blackboard.  Adding articles to Blackboard

What can be placed on Reserves?

What may not be placed on Reserves?

How do I place materials on Reserve?

Please download then fill out the Reserves Request Form Faculty are responsible for providing scanned materials.   Materials may be dropped off at the The Help Center with an attached reserve form.

How long will it take for an item to be available on Reserve?

The processing time for Reserves is two weeks.  Reserves are processed in the order they are received.   Please plan accordingly. 

How long can items be left on Reserve?

Items will be removed (and personal items returned) from reserves at the end of the semester.

If the materials I want aren't owned by the Library, can I request that they be purchased?

If the library does not own a book or item you need for reserve, please submit a request to your library liaison.  It may be possible for the library to purchase the material in time for your course reserves. The library does not generally purchase text books for Reserves or the collection. Instructors will be notified when items purchased for Reserves arrive.

How many items may a faculty member place on Reserve?

Faculty may place up to 25 items on Reserves.  If more are required, please contact

I have questions about copyright?

SUNY Cortland faculty are responsible for making the initial good faith determination of fair use and acknowledging copyright compliance when making requests to place an item on reserve; SUNY Cortland faculty are responsible for obtaining permission or paying royalties as appropriate.  Please see the Fair Use and Copyright policy.  Further questions concerning copyright can be addressed to

How do I determine if my content is eligible under Fair Use?

Please see Fair Use checklist

How do I put a video on reserve? What if I want my students to watch a video?

The Library has streamed the library owned video collection and has subscriptions to several video databases.If a professor formally donates the video to the library collection it will be streamed and  accessible in the  library catalog through myRedDragon.  Processing time is two weeks. Films that were produced in the last 10 years and considered to be primarily entertainment in content cannot be streamed.  It is highly suggested Faculty, who use popular films in their curricula place a requirement into their syllabus that students have a streaming service or subscription, a video store membership or that they purchase the videos themselves.  A faculty member may even be able to work with the bookstore to have the films prepackaged for the students.

If a faculty member wishes to use an entertainment video produced in the last ten years in their courses, they may request that video be streamed by filling out the Request Entertainment Video Form.

If you have questions concerning streaming video, please contact or