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The Instructional Technologies & Design Services (ITDS) team is excited to provide the faculty, staff, and students of SUNY Cortland resources to assist in their courses and organizations, including workshops, walk-in assistance, and online "Anywhere Assistance" for Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Community. Dates and times can be found on the workshop calendar.  

Please make sure you look at our video and .pdf tutorials located to the left for easy-to-understand walkthroughs of common tasks in Blackboard. Tutorials are kept updated as changes are made in Blackboard. Please report any problems to

As students become more accustom to electronic and web-based instruction, our faculty can benefit from the eLearning system to augment their face-to-face courses by offering items like class notes, access to the online grade center, online class discussion, and just-in-time teaching strategies.
Access to the eLearning program is automatic when a student registers for the course.  Students should check with their individual professors to see if eLearning is being utilized for the course.

SUNY Cortland faculty also using the eLearning environment for online or hybrid course offerings. The current list of online courses can be viewed by using SUNY Cortland’s Course Schedule and Registration Page. 

As of August 8, 2012 the ITDS integrated Blackboard Community. Community provides Organizations which are online collaboration space for campus committees, faculty, and administration. These collaboration spaces will be familiar to users since they are modeled after the course environment used in Blackboard. Stay tuned for tutorial documentation specifically for Community, though many of the tasks are similar to Blackboard Learn. For more information, please contact us at