Multimedia Room Use Policy - SUNY Cortland

Multimedia Room Use Policy

The Multimedia Studios consist of two rooms, B-108 and B-108A, located in the Teaching Materials Center. These studios can be used by faculty and students to begin, edit, review, preview and practice various projects needed to complete their research at SUNY Cortland. These workstations are the multimedia rooms for the Learning Commons.


Each studio contains 2 workstations comprised of 1 PC computer and 1 Mac computer. A scanner and a SmartBoard are in the larger room, B-108, while a scanner and the 2 workstations are contained in the smaller room, B-108A.


The two work stations in the larger room, B-108, may be checked out by SUNY Cortland students. The two work stations in the smaller room, B-108A, are dedicated to faculty use.

Intended Use:

These workstations are intended for multimedia use only. Anyone using them for other purposes will be required to leave the area upon library staff request.


Work stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users will need to authenticate when using the work stations.

Keys to the rooms are located at Circulation. A SUNY Cortland ID is required for checkout. A block on the student’s account will prevent them from checking out a work station.

Each work stations will be checked out individually for a period of 2 (two) hours with an opportunity for 1 (one) renewal. A person may only check out one work station at a time.


  • Users are responsible for the condition of the rooms.
  • Users will report any and all damage of the room to Circulation.
  • Users of the room are expected to comply with the SUNY Cortland Code of Student Conduct , the SUNY Cortland Copyright policy, and the SUNY Cortland Electronic Use Policy


By checking out a work station, the user is assuming responsibility for all equipment and software associated with that work station. The charge for damaged equipment and software will be the cost of replacing damaged part(s) plus non-refundable processing fee of $25 per item.

When the time of the loan has elapsed, the user is expected to return the key to Circulation. The key must be handed to a staff member, and not merely placed upon the desk. Failure to return the key will result in a $10 fine for the replacement of the key.


Hardware/equipment support for the work stations is available at circulation. Software support appointments can be made by contacting the Digital Imaging Specialist at ext. 4890.

Project Storage:

Each user is responsible for the storage of their projects. Multiple back-ups are highly recommended. Files can be saved in “Safe Storage” at each work station; however, ALL files will be deleted after final exams every semester. It is strongly encouraged that users come prepares with; the appropriate storage devices i.e. flash drives, DVD’s, CD-Roms etc.