Course Reserve Policy

The Policy on Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education, adopted by SUNY Cortland in May 1999 outlines guidelines for copyrighted material placed on reserve. To view the full handbook Copyright and Fair Use. The basic guidelines are:

  • one article from a journal issue
  • one chapter from a book, conference proceedings, or a poem from a collected work, not to exceed 10% of the total work
  • pages placed on reserve may not exceed 10% of the total work.
  • photocopies must have proper citation information (author, title, publisher or journal name, publish date or date of journal issue, volume number if applicable, and page numbers.) Photocopies submitted without full citation information will not be processed
  • photocopies can stay on reserve for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. To keep a photocopy on reserve longer than two semesters, the instructor must obtain written permission from the publisher, and must provide a copy of that permission to the library
  • visual and sound recordings that have been personally reproduced from original copyrighted material may not be placed on reserve. The intent of this policy is to support that photocopying the material will not be detrimental to the market for the work.