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Please check the Training and Production Services calendar for workshops that will help you be prepared to teach remotely. The Green highlighted workshops are part of the ‘Got the Flu' workshop series.

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Remote Teaching - Technology Preparedness Guide

Basic Technology Usage for Emergency Teaching

As a teaching faculty member will you be prepared to continue to teach your course outside the classroom in the event of a campus emergency?

In support of the academic mission of SUNY Cortland, the Information Resources Training and Production Services Group has developed a simple, clear strategy for using basic technology to continue your coursework. The basic teaching strategy is a simple two part process which involves creating electronic course materials and then distributing them to your students.

Fulfilling this basic level of remote teaching using technology will allow SUNY Cortland to maintain its teaching programs during emergency situations that might prevent traditional on-campus classes from being held or attended by certain faculty or students.

Creating Documents for Your Course

The first step is creating the electronic course material that you will later distribute (below) to your students. While there are a variety of document types that you can create, please remember that not all users have the software required to access those documents. Therefore, it is recommended that you use common, familiar document types such as PowerPoint and Word.

Sharing Documents with Your Students

There are several ways to share your electronic documents with your students outside of the classroom. The tutorials to the right explore three different options for delivering your electronic course material. These options include uploading documents into eLearning(Blackboard CE8 / WebCT), utilizing the Consolidated Course feature within MyRedDragon or using BannerWeb to send students an email with an attachment.

Advanced Technology Usage

For faculty members that wish to go beyond these basics there are several options and tools that are available. Faculty members may wish to explore using the more robust features of eLearning or Consolidated Courses. Additionally, faculty members may also want to consider using iTunesU, building Web sites or utilizing streaming video.

It is critical that faculty members who are interested in using these technologies receive training for them prior to the announcement of an emergency. Training workshops are available in many of these topics. One-on-one sessions are also available upon request.

Contact Hailey M. Ruoff, Coordinator, Training and Productions Services for more details.