For more information contact:

Student Affairs
(607) 753-4721
Marie Blanden

Health Promotion
(607) 753-2066
Catherine Smith

Environmental Health and Safety
(607) 753-2508
Glenn Wright

Emergency Management Director
(607) 753-2112
Steve Dangler

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Planning Committee

SUNY Cortland’s pandemic flu preparedness planning group is made up of representatives from across campus. This group has been meeting monthly with each area reporting on its individual progress examining operations and how and at what capacity those operations could continue faced with various scenarios.

Much of what the campus needs to do will likely be dictated by the State and County Health Departments, as well as SUNY System Administration. 

We have been asking ourselves, “How do we...

  • close school and send students home?”
  • provide for those students who can’t get home?”
  • provide for infected students?”
  • maintain critical operations?”
  • provide for continuity of instruction?”

We are prepared with

  • “critical personnel” identified
  • plans to operate with reduced staff
  • personal isolation precautions
  • supplies
  • an understanding of the level of power that can be maintained and where
  • an understanding of the level of technology that can be maintained and “fail points”
  • plans to be an emergency site for the community
  • Incident Command Centers identification
  • a communication center ready to activate including an information hotline
  • wide-screen communication system
  • University Police 24-hour stocked bunker

Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning Group

This group includes members from the following areas:

  • President’s Cabinet
  • Residential Services
  • Student Health Service
  • Field Placement Office
  • International Programs Office
  • Human Resources
  • Business Office
  • Admissions Office
  • Physical Plant
  • Information Resources (technology)
  • University Police
  • Auxiliary Services (food service)
  • Health Promotion
  • Environmental Health and Safety Office
  • Academic Affairs, Public Relations, Student Government, Athletics, and conference planning.