Help Prevent Violence - SUNY Cortland

Help Prevent Violence

If a Threat is Immediate Call the Police

607-753-2111 or 9-1-1

Get Help

If you notice warning signs of violent behavior, tell an instructor, a resident assistant (RA), a counselor, a police officer or a parent.

Know the Warning Signs

Signs that someone may become violent include social withdrawal, trouble controlling anger and an interest in violence or weapons.

Trust Your Instincts

Share your concerns honestly. If you're wrong, that's OK. If you're right, you may save lives.

Behavioral Assessment Team

Student affairs and academic affairs have collaboratively established a Behavioral Assessment Team (formerly referred to as the Threat Assessment Team). Its purpose is to utilize the expertise of experienced professionals in response to student behavior that poses a potential risk of violence to self or others.

Establishment of this team formalizes a process for reporting and addressing specific, alarming behaviors that do not fall within existing reporting procedures such as those established by the Counseling Center, University Police Department, Residence Life and Housing Office and Student Conduct Office. Emergency situations always need to be reported to university police for immediate response.

Specifically the team will:

  • create a care management system to assess the behavior of students who may be at risk;
  • watch for information, both oral and written, from faculty and staff about behavior that may be threatening;
  • stay attuned to escalating behavior or potential physical violence; and
  • develop a plan of action for the student such as contacting parents, referrals to various campus resources, disciplinary action, etc., as appropriate.

Team Members

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact team members.

Susan Wilson, interim associate dean of education, 607-753-5431

Jerome O’Callaghan, associate dean of arts and sciences, 607-753-4314

Steven Dangler, chief, university police, 607-753-4124 (emergency 607-753-2111 or 911)

Carolyn Bershad, director of counseling and student development 607-753-4728

Eileen Gravani, associate dean of professional studies 607-753-2702

Ralph Carrasquillo, director of residence life and housing 607-753-4724

Michael Pitaro, acting director of student conduct, 607-753-4725

Greg Sharer, vice president for student affairs 607-753-4721

Chris Kuretich, assistant vice president for student affairs 607-753-4721

Important Emergency Phone Numbers

SUNY Cortland University Police
607-753-2111 or 9-1-1

Off Campus Emergencies- Cortland City Police Department

Cortland Fire Department
607-756-5611 or 9-1-1

SUNY Cortland Counseling Center