Student Testimonials

Why Choose SUNY Cortland?

We asked the question. Alumni from our program answered.

“I loved that the graduate program was so practical. We frequently gave presentations in our classes to increase our communication and presenting skills – something that is fundamental to a clinician’s daily responsibilities, but is often overlooked. Also, we had opportunity to practice ‘real-world’ tasks in the classroom setting – something that most clinicians must learn on the job – from simple, but core, everyday responsibilities including thickening liquids and mixing-in barium, to more complex tasks such as endoscopies. Naturally, my education provided a smooth transition to externships and later job sites. I have already worked in a range of settings including skilled nursing, hospital and the school system. All so very different, yet I have felt confident in my skills. I owe so much to SUNY Cortland, its graduate program and professors who truly invested in my education and now serve as resources in my career.”

- Kelli Carsten M.S. ’15, CCC-SLP

“SUNY Cortland gave me the tool kit I needed to enter the professional world of speech-language pathology. Clinical supervisors promote creativity, evidence based practice and teamwork, all while providing a supportive and encouraging environment. The recently renovated speech and language clinic prepared me for educational and medical settings, both in graduate internships and the work force. With top of the line equipment, including dysphagia and voice labs, Cortland encourages their students to be hands on learners to best prepare for a future in any speech and language setting. You can truly "feel the momentum" in Cortland's program as it continues to grow with each passing year.  As a member of the first graduating class, I am glad to witness the continued success of a program that made such a difference in my professional and personal life.”

- Michelle Fraser M.S. ’15, CCC-SLP

“SUNY Cortland’s graduate program features an excellent combination of dedicated professors, challenging course material and unique clinical opportunities for students. My coursework and clinical experience gave me a good foundation for passing the Praxis, interviewing for jobs and beginning my career as an SLP.”

- Jori King M.S. ’17, CF-SLP

“I was a member of the inaugural class in the master’s program of speech-language pathology. The education I received was both rigorous and complete. As I entered the field of speech-language pathology, I felt prepared and energized to work across multiple settings and with a number of different populations. I feel honored to be in this field and am so thankful for those I’ve worked with along the way.”

- Natalie Muka M.S. ’15, CCC-SLP

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