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SUNY Cortland: Stewards of Place

SUNY Cortland: Stewards of Place Detail Banner Image

On any given day, SUNY Cortland students, faculty and staff engage and support the local Cortland community and region by addressing the collective challenges and opportunities in contemporary society.

We consider our role as stewards of place to be central to our mission. We actively involve ourselves with the larger world beyond our campus, where we can share and apply our knowledge and energies to improve quality of life for all.

As both teachers and learners, we acknowledge that while we may not have the answer to a challenge, we may have the resources to develop a solution with our partners. Our service learning programs encourage students and faculty to test new ideas in the Cortland neighborhoods that, one day, may positively impact other cities and towns from the knowledge gained. Our Institute of Civic Engagement programs foster the ideas and skills our students will use as leaders in their own communities throughout their professional careers.

The fabric of SUNY Cortland’s commitment to civic engagement is tightly woven throughout our academic curriculum. The ideal forms a major thread in our social life and can be found in our physical presence from downtown Cortland to the Adirondack Mountains.

Whether at Main Street SUNY Cortland, the Outdoor Education Center, or in our classrooms and residence halls, we invite participation in the many formal and informal gatherings that address the issues of vital public concern and, in the process, equip the community to find solutions. Helping one another to achieve our potential is what makes us SUNY Cortland.