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Vincent '53 and Roberta Miller Mascia '53

Mascias Establish Planned Gift to Fund Scholarship

MasciasPursuing the opportunities that life presents to you, while maintaining strong bonds with family and friends, is what Vincent ’53 and Roberta Miller Mascia ’53 have been doing since they set foot on campus several decades ago.

Vince, a three-sport athlete from Buffalo, who entered the C-Club Hall of Fame in 2004, and Bobbie, an active student with an engaging smile from Baldwinsville, first met as freshman physical education majors in Dr. Baisler’s psychology class.

“Our whole freshman class was relatively small and everyone knew everyone else,” Bobbie reminisces. “What fun! We made a lot of lasting friends!”

After graduation, Bobbie began teaching for Richfield Springs Cooperative Board and later joined Vince in Texas where he was a Navy pilot. Their five children came quickly thereafter while they moved from Texas to California, Florida and New York. Vince’s sales career eventually took his family to Illinois, Massachusetts and back to Florida, where he started a company manufacturing chemical adhesives, sealants and coatings for the electronics industry.

Through all the moves, the Mascia’s five children became very close and remain so today. They all worked together in the family company until it was sold a few years ago.

“The faculty and staff at Cortland prepared us for the opportunities that came our way,” said Vince, who recently began serving as a director on the Cortland College Foundation Board.

The Mascias both stay active by helping their daughter, Kathy, and her husband operate an Atlanta Bread Company franchise and Vince continues to enjoy flying airplanes.

“When Vince and I recall our time at Cortland, we both felt the need to help future Cortland students experience the same kind of education that we received,” noted Bobbie. “That is why we have taken advantage of the charitable gift annuity program through the Cortland College Foundation.”

“Our gift in exchange for a charitable gift annuity gives us an attractive annuity payment for life,” Vince explains. “It also gives us a current tax deduction and the balance of the annuity when we pass on will fund the “Vincent J. Mascia ’53 and Roberta M. Mascia ’53 Scholarship” for SUNY Cortland students with financial need.”

SUNY Cortland expresses its gratitude to the Mascias by honoring them as members in the Lofty Elm Society where they join other generous alumni and friends of SUNY Cortland who have remembered the College in their estate plans. These future estate gifts will allow SUNY Cortland students to receive a remarkable and affordable education for years to come.