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sept 7, 2010

                                                                FACULTY SENATE MINUTES #1

                                                                          September 7, 2010

The first meeting of the Faculty Senate 2010-2011 was called to order by Chair David Miller on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 1:15 PM in Jacobus Lounge, Brockway Hall.

SENATORS AND MEMBERS PRESENT: D. Miller, T. Phillips, T. Vigars, D. Driscoll, W.  Miller, D. Berger, R. Kendrick, K. Lawrence, J. Alemzadeh, R. Grantham, S. Wilson, O. White, J. Kim, L. Klotz, K. Pristash, T. Slack, J. Walkuski, P. Schroeder, E. Bitterbaum, M. Prus, G. Sharer, S. Anderson

SENATORS AND MEMBERS ABSENT:  D. Videto, S. Rayl, B. Buston, R. Borden, K. Hempson, M. Chandler, D. Harrington, E. McCabe, J. Campanaro, A. M. Rossi, A. Aurilio, R. Franco, W. Shaut

GUESTS PRESENT: J. Mosher, H. Wilson

I  APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  There was a motion for approval of the minutes from May 4, 2010 (Approved)


There was a vote to approve the Standing Rules of the Faculty Senate. (Approved)

There was a vote to approve the nominations for vacant seats on the Committee on Committees (Approved)


Chair David Miller introduced the new Senators:  J. Alemzadeh, Arts and Sciences; M. A. Chandler (absent), Professional staff; and K. Lawrence, former Faculty Senate Chair 2009-2010, representing Arts and Sciences.

The next item of business was an announcement regarding the resignation of Donna Videto as Treasurer

and Mary Ware as SUNY Senator, and the need to find replacements.

IV. VICE CHAIR:  T. Phillips – No report.


VI. SECRETARY’S REPORT: - T. Vigars –  No report.

VII.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   The President gave a brief report.


Student Affairs Committee  - No report (absent) – T. Phillips reported that the committee is meeting and in the process of electing a chair.

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee  – A. Fitz-Gibbon, Chair - R. Grantham reported that the committee is presently reviewing personnel policies from the Library and has several others on the agenda.

Long-Range Planning Committee – No report (absent)

Educational Policy Committee –  No report (absent)

Professional Affairs Committee  – K. Pristash announced that the committee is meeting on Thursday to get their affairs in order and to elect a chair.


Committee on Committees -  T. Vigars read the report on behalf of the committee. There was a vote to approve the nominations for committee vacancies.

College Research Committee  – P. Ducey, Chair - L. Klotz reported that the committee is meeting to get their affairs in order and that Peter Ducey has been re-elected as chair.

General Education Committee – No report (absent)

X. AREA SENATOR’S REPORTS:  D. Berger asked for clarification of the process to submit a resolution and also communication issues.

XI. SUNY SENATOR’S REPORT – No report (absent)


XIII. OLD BUSINESS:  There was no Old Business.

XIV. NEW BUSINESS: There was no New Business.

The following reports are appended to the minutes in the order they are submitted:

(1)    Standing Rules for the Faculty Senate submitted by D. Miller, Chair

(2)    Committee on Committee’s Report submitted by J . Barry, Committee on


Respectfully Submitted:

Barbara Kissel

Recording Secretary




(1)  Regular fall meetings of the Faculty Senate shall be held on the alternating Tuesdays according to the attached schedule, unless insufficient business warrants cancellation as determined by the Steering Committee or otherwise announced in advance by the Chair. Time of the meetings shall be 1:15 - 2:30 p.m.  Be on time.

(2)  Special meetings may be called by the Senate, or in cases of an emergency nature, by the Chair.  Whenever possible, special meetings shall be 1:15 - 2:30 p.m., when the Senate does not meet, provided that               classes are in session.  Any member of the faculty may attend these meetings.


     (1)  Committee Reports shall be presented, in writing, to the Faculty Senate during  the "reports" portion of each meeting.

      (2)  Committee Reports shall include a rationale supporting the committee's recommendations, if any.

       (3) Resolutions and motions contained within or incidental to committee reports shall be presented, for information only, during the "reports"  

portion of each meeting.  Limited questioning on the content of committee reports may be permitted by the Chair at the time that the report is presented.


      (1)  The Steering Committee shall determine the order of agenda items to be considered at each meeting of the Senate which shall be published one week in advance.

      (2)  Except for matters of an emergency nature, which will be decided by a 3/4 vote, the appropriate committee or person shall publish the exact wording of all resolutions, main motions, and committee  recommendations to all members of the Senate two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they will be considered.


      (1)  Debate shall not be in order unless a motion is pending.

     (2) All remarks shall be addressed to the Chair.

     (3)   The Chair is empowered to enforce a time limited of three minutes per speech.

     (4)  The motion "to reconsider and enter on the minutes" shall be out of order.

     (5)  Senators are encouraged to yield the floor to guests in attendance who wish to speak.

     (6)  Official liaisons shall be allowed to speak when recognized by the Chair.  However, they shall not be allowed to offer motions or vote.

     (7)  A roll call vote may be ordered on any motion by the request of five voting members of the Senate, or by the Chair.

     (8)  Straw votes shall be illegal.


      (1)  Newly elected officers shall assume office immediately following the last day of examinations in the spring semester.

     (2)  Newly elected members of committees shall become active immediately following the last day of examinations in the spring semester.

     (3)  Chairs of standing committees shall retain their chairmanship until the chairmanship election at the first committee meeting of the fall semester.


Committee on Committee’s Report

Submitted by Joanne Barry

Committee on Committees

                                        Committee on Committees – Report to the Faculty Senate

September 7, 2010

Item #1

The Committee on Committees recommends the following appointments for committees with terms beginning Fall 2010.  These appointments require confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness

Fine Arts/Humanities - 4-year term – Karen Stearns

Educational Policy Committee

Library – 2-year term – Gretchen Douglas

General Education Committee

Social/Behavioral Sciences – 2-year term – Amy Schutt

Item #2

Ballots will be distributed electronically for consultative search committee members for the Director of Multicultural Life position.  The nominees are:

Seth Asumah

Anne Burns Thomas

Steven Canals

Mariangela Chandler

Kate Coffey

Jena Curtis

Mecke Nagel

Item #3

A call for nominations will be issued for 14 vacancies that were not filled through the regular process at the end of the Spring 2010 semester.  The vacancies are listed below (Outgoing member(s) noted in parentheses):

At Large

  • Faculty Representatives to the Student Senate – 2 seats, elected, 1-year term (Boland, Shi)

Fine Arts/Humanities

  • ·     Student Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Barnaby)


  • Committee on Committees – elected, 2-year term (Gleason)  
  • General Education Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Schubert)
  • Long Range Planning Committee – appointed, 3-year term (vacant) 
  • Student Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Ahmadi)

Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Committee on Committees – elected, 2009-11 (complete unexpired term; vacant) 

School of Education

  • Academic Faculty Affairs Committee - appointed, 2-year term (Rayle)  
  • College Curriculum Review Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Cohen)
  • Long Range Planning Committee – appointed, 3-year term (Rombach) 

 School of Professional Studies

  • General Education Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Hendrick) 
  • Student Affairs Committee – appointed, 2-year term (Davis

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Barry


Faculty Senate Officers (Elected:  1 yr. Term) 2010-11

  • Miller, David   Chair

Phillips, Tim   Vice-Chair

     Vigars, Teri   Secretary (no more than 2 successive terms in same office – 2nd term)

    Videto, Donna   Treasurer (no more than 2 successive terms in same office – 2nd term)

Faculty Senate Steering Committee

  • Miller, David   2010-11 Chair

Phillips, Tim   2010-11 Vice-Chair

     Vigars, Teri   2010-11 Secretary

    Videto, Donna   2010-11 Treasurer

Anderson, Steve  2010-11 Parliamentarian (appointed)

2010-11 Educational Policy Committee Chair

2010-11 General Education Committee Chair

2010-11 Long Range Planning Committee Chair

2010-11  Academic Faculty Affairs Committee Chair

2010-11 Professional Affairs Committee Chair

2010-11 Student Affairs Committee Chair

SUNY Senator  (Elected: 3 yr. term)

Ware, Mary   2009-12 At large

SUNY Senator – Alternate (Elected: 3 yr. term)

Phillips, Tim   2009-12 At large

Academic Faculty Affairs Committee (appointed: 2 yr. term) 

  • Collings, Raymond  2009-11 Soc/Beh Sci.

McCabe, Ellen    2009-11 Library

Grantham, Regina  2009-11 Professional Studies

FitzGibbon, Andrew  2009-11 Fine Arts/Humanities

vacant    2010-12 Education

Emam, Moataz  2010-12 Math/Sci

Auxiliary Services Corporation (Elected:  3 yr. term) – (C. on C. does NOT run election for MC reps)

Steck, Henry   2008-11 Academic/Professional Faculty

McCarthy, Matthew  2008-11 Academic/Professional Faculty

Curtis, Jenna   2009-12 Academic/Professional Faculty

Boland, Mary Kate  2010-13 Academic/Professional Faculty

Ritchie, David   2010-13 Academic/Professional Faculty

Barry, Joanne   2009-10 Management/Confidential

Sharer, Greg   2009-10 Management/Confidential

           Shaut, Bill   2009-10 Management/Confidential

College Curriculum Review Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)   (no more than 2 successive terms) 

Hokanson, Jim  2009-11 Professional Studies

Kronenbitter, Jennifer  2009-11 Library

Halebsky, Stephen  2009-11 Soc/Beh Sci

Kelly, Michelle  2009-11 Education

Pittman, Damien  2010-12 Math/Sci (2nd term) 

Vacant    2010-12 Education

Costell Corbin, Carol  2010-12 Professional Staff from Academic Affairs

Zimmerman, Karen  2010-12 Fine Arts/Humanities (2nd term)

Grantham, Regina  2010-12 Professional Studies

Aumann, Nancy  Ex Officio Assoc. Dean designee for Education

O’Callaghan, Jerry  Ex Officio Assoc. Dean designee for Arts & Sciences

Gravani, Eileen  Ex Officio Assoc. Dean designee for Professional Studies 

Margine, Donna  Ex Officio Registrar [non voting]

VanDerKarr, Carol  Ex Officio Associate Provost for Academic Affairs [non voting]         

College Research Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term) [Qualifications: should have received grant from external funding or reviewed grants from an outside agency.]

Herrmann, Gretchen  2008-11 Library

Wisch, Bobbi   2008-11 Fine Arts/Humanities (B. Wisch sabbatical sp ‘10)

  • Ducey, Peter   2009-12 Math/Sci

Hodges, Bonni  2009-12 Professional Studies

Kraebel, Kim   2010-13 Soc/Beh Sci

Klotz, Laurie   2010-13 Professional Staff

Benton, Cindy   2010-13 Education

Henderson-Harr, Amy  Ex Officio Sponsored Programs

Clarke, Glen   Ex Officio Sponsored Programs

Committee on Committees (Elected: 2 yr. term)

Melita, Lorraine  2009-11 Library

  • Barry, Joanne   2009-11 M/C

Hartsock, John   2009-11 Fine Arts/Humanities

Vacant    2009-11 Soc/Beh Sci

Vacant    2010-12 Math/Sci

Coffey, Kate   2010-12 Professional Studies

Ruoff, Hailey   2010-12 Professional Staff

Kudela, Emilie  2010-12 Education

Kissel, Barbara  Ex Officio Faculty Senate designee

current  Student

Committee on Teaching Awards (Appointed: 3 yr. term/ term runs January through December) (minimum 5 yrs. teaching at SUNY Cortland)

Shedd, John   2009-11 Arts & Sciences

Grantham, Regina  2009-11 Professional Studies

West, Donna 2010-12 Arts & Sciences  (term begins 1/1/10)         

Kudela, Emilie  2010-12 Education (term begins 1/1/10)

Miller, David   current  Faculty Senate Vice Chair

Levine, Virginia  Ex Officio President’s Office 

current  Student

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness (Appointed: 4 yr. term) (no consecutive terms)

Polasek, Katherine  2007-11 Professional Studies

Sayers-Walker, Katina 2008-12 Education

Smith, Brice   2009-13 Math/Sci

Worrell, Mark   2009-13 Soc/Beh Sci

Stearns, Karen   2010-14 Fine Arts/Humanities

current  Student  

current  Student

current  Student

Educational Policy Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Smukler, David  2009-11 Education 

Lachance, Andrea  2009-11 Education

Darling, Robert  2009-11 Arts & Sciences

Vincent, Irena   2009-11 Professional Studies

  • Spitzer, Bob   2010-12 Arts & Sciences

         Douglas, Gretchen  2010-12 Library

Trunfio, Tony   2010-12 Professional Studies

Jordak, Ingrid   2010-12 Professional Staff

West, Donna   2010-12 Academic Faculty at large

Prus, Mark   Ex Officio Provost

Margine, Donna  Ex Officio Registrar

Ex Officio Graduate Faculty Executive Committee designee

current  Student

current  Student

Facilities and Master Plan Oversight Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

Sternfeld, John  2010-13 At Large

Faculty Representative to the Student Senate (Elected: 1 yr. term) (no more than 2 successive terms)

Vacant    2010-11 At Large

Vacant    2010-11 At Large

General Education Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

Kuiken, Anita   2009-11 Library

Latimer, Chris   2009-11 Academic At Large

Thomas, Abby   2009-11 Professional Staff

Vacant    2010-12 Professional Studies

White, Orvil   2010-12 Education

Kelley, Sam   2010-12 Fine Arts/Humanities

Schutt, Amy   2010-12 Soc/Beh Sci 

Hokanson, Jim  2010-12 Academic At Large

Vacant    2010-12 Math/Sci

Baylinson, Kelsey  current  Student

Aumann, Nancy  ex officio Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Mattingly, Bruce  ex officio Dean of Arts & Sciences

Canfield, Merle  ex officio Institutional Research & Assessment

Long Range Planning Committee (Appointed: 3 yr. term)

Craft, Diane   2008-11 Professional Studies

King, Mel   2008-11 Soc/Beh Sci

Peluso, Josh   2008-11 Professional Staff

Harms, Daniel   2009-12 Library

Neal, David   2009-12 Fine Arts/Humanities

Vacant    2010-13 Education

Vacant    2010-13 Math/Sci

              current  Student

current  Student

Professional Affairs Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

  • Glen Clarke   2009-11 Academic Affairs

Jennifer Janes   2009-11 Institutional Advancement & President’s Office

Diana Harrington  2009-11 Finance and Management

Jeremy Zhe-Heimerman 2009-11 Student Affairs

Doug Langhans  2009-11 Enrollment Management

Jody Maroney   2009-11 At large

Kevin Pristash   2009-12 Student Affairs

Gary Babjack   2009-12 Academic Affairs

Howard Lindh   2009-12 At large

Driscoll, John   Ex Officio UUP VP for Professionals or designee [non voting] 

***initial 3-year to achieve staggered terms (committee will decide when convened)     

Student Affairs Committee (Appointed: 2 yr. term)

  • Connell, Mark   2009-11 Library

Kim, Ji-Ryun   2009-11 Education

Phillips, Tim    2009-11 Soc/Beh Sci

Zhe-Heimerman, Jeremy 2010-12 Professional Staff

           Vacant    2010-12 Professional Studies

Vacant    2010-12 Math/Sci

      Vacant    2010-12 Fine Arts/Humanities

current  Student

current  Student

  • · Chair of Committee

_____________ - nomination(s) in process - pending confirmation

Vacant – seats filled via Committee on Committee process

________________ - seats filled by other committees/organizations